Awesome Tools To Write Your Selection Criteria

Writing your own selection criteria for a government application? Make sure you check out these tools to write a winning criteria that gets results.

Performance Reviews: If you keep them you should have all the quotes and statistics you need to back your claims up with evidence. Employers love evidence.

Written References: These are awesome source to take quotes from. You can add them to your criteria to support to your claims

Official Job Descriptions:  Are you stuck on words to describe your role or how you perform it? Cheat and get ideas from your official job description that someone else has already written for you.

Resume: I have only once written a selection criteria without a copy of the clients resume and I will NEVER do this again. It’s very difficult and hard to have any idea what you are talking about. Keep a copy of your resume beside you as you draft ideas.

Free Courses: What do you do if you stumble upon a criteria that you have zero experience in? Get some free training. My favourite is They cover courses from accounting to marketing to household budgets and all their courses are free with the ability to print a transcript of your results at the end. These courses are not accredited but you can still use them under the ‘Professional Development’ section of your resume and use them in your criteria to show your knowledge. Alison is ridiculously easy to sign up for and you can work at your own pace which gives you plenty of time to finish before the application closing date.

Need more help putting your selection criteria for your government application together? Get in touch, I offer a number of services designed to help you get the job you love:)









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Free tools to use to write your own selection criteria


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