Supports Strategic Direction Selection Criteria Examples

Examples of real life ‘Supports Strategic Direction’ Selection Criteria.

Supports Strategic Direction: (Investigator Application)

Currently employed as the Officer in Charge, E-Commerce Fraud for Knick Knack, I align the direction and strategy of the organisation and identify issues in relation to fraud development and recovery. This involves the analysis of complex issues such as suspicious order activity, flagged activity, the management of fraud strategies and the development of new detection tools. I assess emerging issues or trends in e-commerce fraud and benchmark approaches and practices. I develop long term solutions to current problems and identify any critical gaps in our approach. I take ownership of my responsibilities and I’m able to utilise multiple perspectives when making a decision.

In 2013 my ability to achieve outcomes in relation to fraud investigation and prevention resulted in a chargeback rate of less than 0.05% for e-commerce sales, achieved through modifying the manual screening process and procedures and increasing the effectiveness of fraud detection on a daily basis through the more efficient use of website tools. In my most recent performance review, I achieved a rating of ‘outstanding’ on: performing my key duties and responsibilities effectively, job knowledge, technical skills and the ability to take on new responsibilities and learn new tasks and processes quickly thereby demonstrating my ability to manage and conduct investigations into fraud issues and incidents.

I work closely with the frontline business to improve our existing processes and to implement new fraud prevention techniques and I conduct thorough reviews on customers’ orders to perform fraud checks on their information which allows us to identify new fraud trends. For example, a review of chargeback transactions allowed us to develop additional procedures for similar incidences.

I have an excellent understanding of criminal and administrative law developed through a Master of Justice Studies with a Major in Criminal Justice qualification obtained from Goliad University in 2002. This allows me to make sound judgments and achieve outcomes that advance company interests, specifically related to e-commerce fraud prevention.

 Shapes strategic thinking (Analyst Application)

As Project Manager at Custom Carrier, I am responsible for the operational requirements of telephone systems, including strategic and tactical initiatives.  In my role, I am sent an executive strategy from the CEO which I break down into operational procedures in order to meet the agreed target. These targets are usually based on finding and delivering solutions based on the end user requirements. The solutions I develop have a positive impact on the company in a number of different ways. For example, they increase the return on investment or benefit our customers through faster waiting periods. As part of any strategic plan that I develop I ensure that I implement quarterly benchmarks in order to track our progress. This enables my team to stay on track and for us to be able to monitor our progress and make adjustments as required.

I recently completed a project for the Contact Department of the organisation. I needed to evaluate the department’s needs based on their requirements and research a solution based on their existing infrastructure.  This research included a cost analysis of the project and if the project would still be viable in the medium to long term future. After the research phase of the project was completed, I contacted the stakeholders to arrange a meeting where I discussed the technology the department currently used, where technology is heading and what we could do to solve their issues.  This meeting involved a question and answers session to clarify any questions and a power point presentation where I discussed the positives and negatives of maintaining the old technology vs. updating to new technology. After the meeting, the key stakeholders signed off on the project which involved setting milestones and an agreement as to the expected time frames and what the end result would look like.  I then contacted the venders for tender and put the plan into production. This project was executed according to the agreed terms and completed at cost and to schedule, leading to positive feedback from stakeholders and my direct supervisor.

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