Dear Readers,

I love you. No seriously I do. You guys are allowing me to live my dream of creating a business and life I love (stole that from Marie Foleo) while helping others achieve their dreams at the same time. Without you I’d be working in a call centre or be back in my old job trying to help people that just don’t want to be helped (trust me, it gets pretty frustrating when you’re contracted to the government and HAVE TO help people get a job but they really don’t want to work).

To celebrate the fact that I actually get to help people who want to work these days I’m going to list my top 5 ‘oh my fucking god’ moments from my previous life as an Employment Consultant for the ‘But I Want to be Unemployed’.

In no particular order these are:

The dude that we got a job at a five star resort washing dishes who to get fired took all his clothes off and ran naked through the resort (apparently the full moon made him do it).

The 27 year old who told me his employment goal was to have more children than his father (his dad had 27). He was well on his way with baby number 13 due that month. Sadly, all the children were in state care as he was unable to look after them

The other dude that knocked his boss out on day three of the new job because the boss asked him to do something that he ‘didn’t feel like doing’. In case you were wondering what this was, it was to finish loading bricks onto the back of a ute. (He was hired as a General Labourer.)

The teenage girl that quit her job at a pizza restaurant when the baby bonus was brought in. She had been saving up for a trip to Scotland but it was going to take too long where as if she had a baby she only had to wait 9 months. When asked what she was going to do with the baby while she was backpacking around Scotland, she said she would leave it ‘with her sister to look after for the year’.

The dude that wanted me to put him forward for a disability carer position (caring for disabled children) who had just been released from jail for torturing a toddler and who had told me that he would do it again because “kids have no discipline these days”. No, I did not put him forward for the job!

Anyway enough about that old life but you get why I love you. See the thing was I really loved heaps of parts of my old job and seriously maybe 10 % of my clients were bloody fantastic (you guys know who you are) , it was just the other 90% of my actual clients that gave me grief.  When I left to have my daughter I had serious burn out  and for a whole 12 months just the thought of working in employment made me feel sick in the stomach. I honestly thought the ‘Employment Consultant’ part of my life was over but I could not for the life of me think of what I should do to replace it.

Luckily my neighbour really needed help with his resume and having no computer literacy asked me for a hand. I got his resume and cover letter done, emailed it off to a bunch of people and he called me a few days later from the airport, about to fly off to his new job. I got a huge buzz out of helping him and realised that my Employment Consultant days weren’t behind me after all but I needed to work with people who actually wanted a job to be happy.

Most of you know the rest. I started General Resume Services and only took on clients that actually wanted a job and I’ve loved my work ever since. I get a real kick out of clients contacting me to tell me they got their job and how excited they are. This is what I was meant to do!

Anyway that is probably enough  love mush for one day, but I really wanted to thank you guys for your support. I arrive in my office pumped to start work every day and without you this would not be possible.

Love Ya




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