5 Random Ways To Decide On A Working Holiday Destination

Wanting to do a working holiday around Australia but not sure on where you should go? I’ve got a few solutions to help you choose.

  1. Do you have a dartboard? Cut out pictures of the places you might like to visit, pin them to the dartboard, put on a blindfold and throw a dart. Wherever the dart hits, wins.
  2. Grab a dice with letters on it instead of numbers; also grab a dice with numbers. Get a copy of a map of Australia that has coordinates listed on it. Roll the dice. If for example you get the letter B with the number 6, use the coordinates of B6. What town is closest to this coordinate? That’s where you are headed
  3. Flip a coin. Pick two places and assign them either heads or tails. Flip the coin and let fate decide your working holiday destination.
  4. Use the logical approach. Not keen on letting fate have its way with you? Grab a copy of the Lonely Planet or any other guidebook and make your decision based on what you want to experience (whale sightings, shopping ect)
  5. Try and get a feel for the employment opportunities in each area. For example; certain towns are best during picking season as there is lots of farm work around. Towns with a high tourist population usually have loads of jobs in hospitality, big cities offer opportunities for temporary administration contracts.

In case you are wondering I used all five of these methods at various times during my working holiday around Australia. My favourite was the coin flip with looking for employment opportunities in the area coming in a close second.

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