9 Things To Do In 2017 To Catapult Your Career

New Year, New Career. I’ll keep it simple today. Here are the 9 things you must do in 2017 to get the job you want.


Refresh Your Resume: The job search market is only getting more competitive. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are for the job – if the employer has an issue with your resume, you will never get the chance to prove how brilliant you are. Get a friend to critically review your resume and if they think it needs work – pay to have it professionally written.


Use Cold Calling: The job market is full of lazy job-seekers at the moment. Everybody is content to use large search engines such as seek.com but it’s creating massive competition and screwing your chances of securing your position. Employers can be lazy as well which is why if you have mailed them your resume before they even know they have a job and you meet their requirements, they won’t bother advertising the position. I’ve lost count of the amount of times this happens.


Update Your Professional Development: I always recommend taking a minimum of (1) new course or workshop every year in an area related to your field. It keeps your knowledge fresh but it also shows on paper your commitment to your own learning and helps keep the resume look current and up to date.


Start A Career File: everyone should have a career file stored on their computer or even written in a notepad that they keep in their filing cabinet. On it you should be writing down every new software system you use, course you take, scores from customer feedback forms, copies of customer feedback, performance reports, awards, achievements, performance indicator scores etc. When it’s time to write your next resume, this information is the gold dust that sells your resume to the employer. It’s amazing how much you can forget in such a short period of time.


Career Coaching: It’s hard to see your own blind-spots so having someone that can point them out, give professional advice and help you to map out a step by step process to get to where you really want to be can be a god-send. Can’t spring for professional coaching? Try using one of the free career tests online. My favourite at the moment is Gopher. It will help you work out what your strengths are and compile a report of the occupations best suited to you.


Negotiate for A Higher Salary: This is something you want to do every year, and yet another reason to keep the career file up to date. This way you have evidence to demonstrate your worth to the employer. The best site to get assistance with the negotiation process is ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ ( http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/). Ramit has some great tips and worksheets to get you through the negotiation process.


Use EFT to Release Old Fears: I’m a recent convert to the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. If you are not familiar with it, it uses a simple tapping process to release fears and to assist you basically move forward faster with your life. Check out Brad Yates on YouTube. I do his productivity videos every morning before I start work, but he has videos on every subject you could ever need.


Read Up: I recommend a goal of (5) career related books per year. For example, you might read a book on interview tips, one on identifying your ideal career and another on negotiation in the work-place. Bonus points if you take notes and take steps to implement what you have learnt.


Interview Coaching: If you find that the interview process is where your job search goes south, it’s an excellent time to get some tips from a professional. An interview coach can help you identify your key selling points and how to incorporate these into the conversation.


Thanks for reading. Now go catapult your career in 2017:)

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