How To Burn That Extra One Percent in Your Job Search

I love reading books by Robin Sharma. He has some great tips for business and for life. While he is not an Employment Consultant many of his tips are relevant to your job search so today I’m going to share some of his advice and look at how you can incorporate it into your job search.

The advice I would like to cover today is “to burn the extra one percent”. Now when talking about this in a mainstream context it could mean running that 1% faster on your morning jog or running 1% further. When I first started up running, I could not even run 1K but I increased how far I ran by 1% until I was jogging 8km every morning. Adding 1% works because it doesn’t seem like anything at the time, but it compounds to remarkable results. So let’s take a look at how you can add this advice to your job search to get results and find a job you love.

The Resume

Is there something you have been meaning to tweak on your resume that you haven’t had time to do? It may be something as simple as adding a border or changing a word in your job description but burn that extra 1% and get it done.

The Interview

Did you shine your shoes? Send a thank-you card? Spend an extra 5 minutes researching the company? What is one thing you could do to burn that extra 1% when it comes to securing the job?

The Job Search

Do you currently send 10 applications out per day? What would happen if you increased it to 11? Can you use higher quality envelopes or paper? Are you cold calling? Is this something you could implement (even if it’s one call per day, that’s seven increased job opportunities in one week).


How many people do you reach out to and ask if they have contacts in the industry you want to work in? Can you add one more person to your list? Is there someone you have been meaning to contact but have been putting it off? What’s your LinkedIn profile look like? Have you been meaning to update it to a more professional image? Do you need to add your latest qualification on there?

These are just some suggestions on how to add an extra 1% to your job search. Remember 1% isn’t a big deal at the time, but compounded over the weeks, months and years it can lead to huge results.

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