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Are you trying to change careers? The first thing you need to do is to stop relying on SEEK to find your next job. Here’s why:

When you use SEEK to find a new job (the internet job-search) you are competing with hundreds of other applicants. That’s fine if you are trying to get a job that you ┬áhave oodles of experience in – but if you are swapping careers that’s going to make you a tough sell against the other applicants.

My number one suggestion is that if you are trying to change jobs – you need to start networking or cold-calling. Of course you will still apply for advertised positions BUT don’t rely on it as the be all and end all of your job search. I have stacks more tips for you in the video above not relying on SEEK is my number one.

Let’s say you are a Bricklayer looking for a Security Guard role. You don’t have any security experience – but you do have your security qualification – licence. If you apply on SEEK at least half the applicants are going to have practical experience so you have a very very slim chance of reaching interview stage. Instead, you need to have contacted the employer before they go to the advertising stage.

So I would recommend in this situation that you post your resume with a cover letter to security companies in the area – stating that you are looking to get involved in the field and asking that they contact you should a position come up. This way you won’t be competing with other applicants who are probably more qualified than you.

I hope this helps you with your career change or transition. In the meantime, let me know if you would like help with your resume. You can view a sample here.

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