Technical Capabilities Example Selection Criteria

Need to address the technical side of selection criteria? These examples show you how.

Experience in a technical environment (Administration Officer Application)

My role at LP demonstrates my experience in a technical environment. Along with the MS Office Suite, I used ‘Harmony’ account software, the company ‘intranet’ program and the internet to complete my role. I’m also PBX communication system competent and have experience with EDI. Other technology expertise includes printers, faxes, scanners, switchboards and various computers and programs.  I pick up new programs quickly. For example, I taught myself ‘Harmony’  which was our accounting program for debtors, creditors, mapping and stock control within a few days of starting my position through accessing it’s help function and watching others perform their roles.

As the Administration Manager, I acted as ‘first point of contact’ for any technical issues. When faced with an issue I gathered as much information about the issue as possible, prior to coming up with potential solutions. For example, if a problem was identified with the printer, I would check for paper jams, check the screen for troubleshooting tips, make sure the cartridge was installed properly and gather information from the person who identified the problem as to the specifics.  If I was unable to resolve the issue, I would contact technical support who provided troubleshooting via the phone, prior to contacting a technician to come on site potentially saving the company money in call out fees.

Evidence of computer literacy working in an operational environment (Administration Application)

I have a high degree of technical computer knowledge, demonstrated by a Master of Information Systems degree obtained through SEQ University. I have an excellent understanding of the MS Office Suite and can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Further, I have an excellent understanding of the internal computer system currently used by Big Boy Services and use ‘Objective’ on a daily basis to record and track mailing packages.

I have an excellent understanding of the technological office equipment also used as part of the role, such as scanners, printers and fax machines and can troubleshoot issues with both the computer systems and this office equipment with minimal assistance. I also understand where I can find help to resolve technical difficulties and can follow instructions to make minor repairs and alternations to systems as necessary.

Communicates with Influence Selection Criteria Examples

Need to address the communication part of your selection criteria? These examples have you covered.

Communicates with Influence (Office Manager Application)

I communicate with influence and present information in a clear and concise manner. I also offer demonstrated experience in networking and communicating with external bodies. For example prior to NCRS I worked in Child Protection where I frequently networked and negotiated between Foster Carers and the Department of Communities (DOCS). Child Protection matters can be highly charged and sensitive so it was vital that I approached all negotiation from a neutral perspective based on facts and evidence.  In this role I was also responsible for conducting Foster Carer Assessments to determine the suitability of potential carers which required a comprehensive assessment report to be completed and forwarded to DOCS. It was vital that the report contained all information prevalent to the assessment no matter how small as this evidence could be used in court in the event of a future incident.

In my current role I write clear and concise advertising for Google Adwords Campaigns. With an Adwords Campaign I only have three lines to meet a number of objectives. As the company only pays when someone clicks on the advertisement it is vital that the text discourages individuals who are not the right fit for the service. For example I include the price so people with a limited budget don’t click on it. I also include the fact the NCRS only does phone or email appointments so that clients looking for a face to face consult also avoid clicking on the advertisement. At the same time I need to ensure the text invites out ideal clients to visit our sales page by including the terms they are searching for such as “professional resume service” and any specials or promotions.

Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills (IT Team Leader Application)

My interpersonal skills are demonstrated through my position as Team Leader. I lead a team of four staff members, sometimes in high pressure and tense environments. I also work with both technical and non-technical stakeholders on cross function projects and via remote communication such as email, phone, instant messenger and video conferencing.

Reporting to Senior Management, I produce ad hoc reports, including progress reports for management, technical data reports and analysis and coverage reports. I also write technical papers, respond to email enquiries, write content for the internet, deliver presentations, chair the Change Advisory Board, conduct team meetings and run meetings according to specific projects. I have presented to audiences of 40+ participants and conducted workshops and training for groups of 12.

Attention to Detail Criteria Examples



Ability to ensure data integrity through demonstrated attention to detail and quality data input (Finance Officer Application)

I am able to ensure the integrity of all data through attention to detail and quality input. As the only administrative worker at LINTS, I administer all aspects of payroll, including administering the superfunds of staff members. This role requires that the database be regularly updated and remain current at all times.  I am very conscious about the consequential impacts in the event of any inaccuracy incurred. Therefore, I always compare raw data with written evidence before entering the information into the system.

Dealing with account payables and receivables at LINTS requires me to enter numerous figures into the system and I can confidently say that I have never made any mistake as to the accuracy of this. The following is a summary of tasks that I perform routinely that require data entry:

  • Organise the Payroll and Superannuation in line with the law and contracts and provide group certificates each year.
  • Collect and record Account Receivables and issue statements.
  • Arrange payments for Account Payables, reconcile statements and liaise with suppliers.
  • Calculate, file and arrange the payment of Excise Duties, GST and other taxes, and BAS reporting.
  • Bank/Credit Reconciliation.
  • Balance Sheet transactions and reconciliation, such as Depreciation.
  • Assisting external accountant with financial reports preparation.

When it comes to attention to detail, I have the ability to pick up on errors prior to finalisation through comprehensively checking the document. I understand the value of accurate data entry and I follow all company policy and procedures. My ability to perform data entry functions

How To Write Selection Criteria For A Government Application

Applying for a government job and not sure how to write the selection criteria you need to lodge your application? Here’s the ‘need to know’ basics to get you started.

So what’s the best way to make writing selection criteria less sucky? Start with the basics. Make sure you title the document what it is. ‘Response to Selection Criteria’ works just fine and add in your name and contact details. If your selection criteria is going to be longer than 2 pages it’s also a good idea to add in a footer with your name and the page number (just in case the employer gets lost printing all your details off). You can do this by going to Insert on the top of your Word document, followed by Footer and just follow the prompts to choose a style that is suited to your needs.

When it comes to font size, 11 or 12 is best and pick something easy to read. There is a reason that many people choose to use New Times Roman.  It is one of the easiest fonts for the employer to read. Other good choices include Calibri and Arial. I also like to add a border but it’s a personal preference. Adding in a plain black border is super easy. Just hit Page Layout on your menu bar, followed by Page Borders and choose one that suits your needs.

The next step is to either retype or copy and paste the actual selection criteria questions onto the document so you know exactly what you are faced with. You don’t have to number them but you can if you want to. Always underline or put the actual questions in bold so it’s easy to read. Now comes the tricky part. You need to actually write the criteria.

Remember to break your text up with paragraphs so it’s easy to read. And please double check that the criteria does not specify either a word or page count. There is nothing worse than pumping out a six page criteria only to discover that there is a 200 word count on each question!

 How long should my criteria be?

If no word count is specified, this is up to you. I like half a page per criteria unless you really do have heaps and heaps of achievements and need more room. That said, anywhere between one paragraph and a page is pretty average depending on the actual position. For example, if you are applying for a role as a Biological Engineer you will be leaning towards the one page mark. If it is a simple reception position, one paragraph usually covers it.

Ok, that’s the basics of how to write selection criteria for a government application. If you need more help – Get in touch:)



Awesome Tools To Write Your Selection Criteria

Writing your own selection criteria for a government application? Make sure you check out these tools to write a winning criteria that gets results.

Performance Reviews: If you keep them you should have all the quotes and statistics you need to back your claims up with evidence. Employers love evidence.

Written References: These are awesome source to take quotes from. You can add them to your criteria to support to your claims

Official Job Descriptions:  Are you stuck on words to describe your role or how you perform it? Cheat and get ideas from your official job description that someone else has already written for you.

Resume: I have only once written a selection criteria without a copy of the clients resume and I will NEVER do this again. It’s very difficult and hard to have any idea what you are talking about. Keep a copy of your resume beside you as you draft ideas.

Free Courses: What do you do if you stumble upon a criteria that you have zero experience in? Get some free training. My favourite is They cover courses from accounting to marketing to household budgets and all their courses are free with the ability to print a transcript of your results at the end. These courses are not accredited but you can still use them under the ‘Professional Development’ section of your resume and use them in your criteria to show your knowledge. Alison is ridiculously easy to sign up for and you can work at your own pace which gives you plenty of time to finish before the application closing date.

Need more help putting your selection criteria for your government application together? Get in touch, I offer a number of services designed to help you get the job you love:)









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Free tools to use to write your own selection criteria


Get The Job You Love Boot-Camp Challenge – A Stock Take Of Your Skills


Job Search Help

Job Search Help

Challenge 1 – A Stock-Take Of Your Current Skills

Hello campers and welcome to your first challenge!  Our very first challenge is a super simple one. In it we look back at our past jobs (yep, even the time you flipped burgers at McDonalds) to work out your transferrable skills. Transferrable skills are the ones you can take with you to the next job even if it’s in a totally different industry.  Let’s use McDonalds as an example:

Ok, so let’s say your first job out of school was at McDonalds. You served customers, processed payments, made burgers and that was about all. Now let’s say you are looking at a job as a Bank Teller next. Some of the skills you learnt at McDonalds that transfer across might include: cash handling, customer service, conflict resolution etc.

Ok, now you know what you are looking for create a spreadsheet on excel or draw two columns on a piece of paper and list every job you have ever held in the first column. In the second column, write down all the skills you learnt doing that job that would transfer across to the next one.

To Recap:

Your challenge is to identify your key skills based on previous employment history

Step One: Create two columns on a spreadsheet or piece of paper

Step Two: List every job you have ever done

Step Three: List the skills you learnt at each job

Step Four: You should probably create a sub folder on your computer or get a vanilla folder if you are doing the activities manually to keep all your challenges in – because you are going to need this information for some of our resume modules later on.

Remember we offer a resume service that runs Australia wide – we service areas including but not limited to Agnes Banks, Albury, Sydney, Ballina, Batemans Bay, Boggabilla, Wagga Wagga, Brinswick Heads, Cobar, Deniliquin, Evans Head, Forster, Gladstone, Glen Innes, Kyogle, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and many more.

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Locations Our Resume Service Works In

People often ask me where our resume service operates and who we can help. The quick answer is that I service clients Australia-Wide. My ability to provide a comprehensive, professional resume service via email or phone has allowed me to write resumes for people from  diverse locations including but not limited to Alice Springs, Halls Creek, Broome, Esperance, Kunnanarra, Perth, Launceston, Toowoomba, Mt Isa,  the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Kingaroy, Roma, St George, Murgen and Cairns.

Our resume service has clients in all the capital cities including Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

We have also written profession resumes for clients from locations including Cooktown, Katherine, Coffs Harbour, Nambucca Heads, Tweed Heads, Newcastle, Broken Hill, Port Headland, Dampier, Kalgoorlie, Geralton, Exmouth & Fremantle.

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“Hi Nicole
I’ve read through your version of my resume and I have to say…….Wow Congratulations, it’s fantastic!!! You have captured me to a tee. I’m so pleased with the results, and all without us having interviewed face to face. I really can’t thank you enough for what you have achieved in such a tight time frame with limited information and if you were here right now I’d be throwing you a hug and  paying for drinks. . So thank you once again for your professionalism and effort on my behalf. I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m in Queensland 😃😃 As always Kind Regards, Damian


Good Morning Nicole,

I was meant to email you last week but I’ve just been so busy, my partner and I just moved house and there’s been so much to do and organise. 

I just wanted to email you to say thank you! What you’ve done is amazing and honestly just blew me away. I didn’t even know resumes could be written professionally until I was told by a friend and had honestly struggled to write my own, it was beginning to stress me out! When I opened up my resume and CL I read it through so many times, it just sounded so amazing and I thought to myself this THIS is a resume and cover letter! You had included things that I hadn’t even thought of and I do those tasks everyday at the restaurant. I’m so much more optimistic about applying for work now and I’m not afraid that I’m sending something dismal and unworthy through as my resume.

Thank you thank you thank you again!!

Hope you have a lovely week and I will definitely be coming back to you for any resume/cover letter writing in the future

Warmest Regards


Get The Job You Love

Get the job with our resume service.

Hi Nicole

Well what can I say, I been through a couple of resume writers but this blows me away! I’m so happy with the resume you send me.
It was exactly what I was after. Your services are first class. Very happy camper :—)  Jo


Hi there

Just wanted to quickly thank you for my resume as I have an interview tomorrow for 3x internal roles I applied for.

Thank you so much. It is the first time I have had a response in years.


Kind Regards



Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the resume. It looks amazing! To be honest I hadn’t expected it would look this good. Thankyou again and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking.

Quick question, is it too late to get the $49 cover letter also?







Strategic Direction/Strategic Thinking Selection Criteria Examples

Are you stuck on how to write selection criteria for the strategic thinking or strategic direction questions? I have some selection criteria examples which will help you answer these questions in your application.


Selection Criteria Examples: Supports Strategic Direction (Marketing Officer Selection Criteria)

 In charge of marketing and advertising for NCRS I implemented a complete overhaul of the original marketing structure.  I conducted a strengths and needs assessment of the work environment and goals to develop a six point marketing plan with the goal of reducing advertising spend, increasing customer engagement and moving our website from Webs to a self-hosted WordPress platform.  In order to compete on a national scale I developed a plan to reduce Google Adwords expenditure through the launch of an email marketing campaign, changes to all sales and website copy, the addition of an employment focused blog to the site and the transfer of our site from Webs to WordPress for better integration with marketing software (LeadPages, Pop Up Ally and Mail Chimp). With no knowledge of WordPress or any of the integrations I sourced knowledge on how to complete the site transfer via Google, online technology forums, software support pages and various Help Desks. I watched online tutorials, took detailed notes and implemented what I had learnt.

By split testing the copy on our sales page I identified that personal, informal and transparent communication resulted in a higher conversion rate as opposed to the formal style used by big business.  I also identified we could increase sales through the implementation of an ‘opt in’ where we would automatically send potential customers a ‘resume achievement question list’ which would assist the reader to identify their selling points to the employer. In return for the resume achievement questions   the reader would join our email list and we could continue to market our services to them using Mail Chimp automation software. This led to a decrease of 70% on our advertising spend, increased referrals and ensured that 95% of our clients were our ‘ideal customer’.


Selection Criteria Example: Shapes Strategic Thinking

As the Sourcing Team Leader and Senior Recruitment Consultant for Muppet Recruitment it is my role to performance manage and coach my team to harness information and opportunities in order to meet the strategic direction of our organisation. At Muppet, our mission is to be the best we can be in order to compete with the 70+ other IT recruiters located in the Toowoomba geographical area.  This includes increasing our revenue in order to expand our team by providing top level training to all our recruitment staff.  In order to meet these strategic objectives, I assess emerging issues and trends in the IT field and develop long term solutions through performance mentoring and training.

For example, our recruitment staff have a certain amount of activity based key performance indicators they need to meet to reach their individual targets. These activities include phone calls made, candidate interviews, submissions sent etc.  When I identify that a staff member is not reaching their potential, the first thing I check is which activity area is not being achieved. For example, a staff member may not be making enough phone calls to potential clients. After I identify the problem, I work with the team member to come up with a solution and provide tips, mentoring and any further training the staff member requires.  After a solution has been agreed to, I closely monitor the staff member’s performance to ensure that the solution implemented is effective.

For example, since April I have worked closely with one of our Recruitment Personnel who mentioned that she finds it intimidating to speak to candidates who have higher qualifications or more experience in the IT industry. As a result of this lack of confidence, the staff member’s key performance indicators suffered.  To combat this issue, I held a meeting with the staff member and reminded her that our role was to find these candidates employment and that as a recruitment specialist, although she did not have as many credentials as some of her candidates, she did have more experience in the recruitment field which was why candidates sourced her assistance. We also implemented some strategies to assist the staff member to rebuild her confidence. For example, the staff member researched each role and the candidate, listing any possible questions they may ask prior to contacting the candidate about a potential position. This ensured that she was prepared and did not falter when asked specific questions. Since implementing these strategies, this staff member has met all indicators and targets and has stated that she feels more confident in her role. Her number of referrals has also increased. As demonstrated, I believe that a progressive mindset, finding alternative solutions to problems and focusing on the long term goals are key to shaping the strategic thinking ability of a team.

Resume & Selection Criteria Terms and Conditions

1. You will be issued with an invoice when you receive your draft copy of the document. Once any edits or changes have been made this invoice needs to be paid within (5) days. You will not receive your final (un- watermarked) version until payment has been made.

2.  To be eligible for a non-payment you will need to participate in a five minute telephone exit interview with me to explain your reasons for requesting a non-payment and to pin point the areas you were not satisfied with. (Please note this is not to be hard on you, rather it is to ensure that if I’ve spent the time working on your requirements, you have the time to spend five minutes with me to tell me where I got it wrong so I don’t make the same mistake again.)

3.         Non-payment is only an option if there is an issue with the work quality that cannot be rectified or I fail to meet your deadline. The following are not valid reasons for non-payment:

•           You no longer require the service but forgot to cancel your order

•           You found a cheaper supplier in the meantime

•           You are running short on cash at the moment

•           You have decided not to apply for the job

•           You used two providers at the same time and liked their version better

•           You don’t have time to do the 5 minute exit interview

4.         I realise that situations change and that sometimes you need to cancel your order. That’s fine. Let me know as soon as you know and I’ll only charge you for the work done (and send you the completed work as evidence that I’ve done what I said I would). So if you cancel the order and I haven’t started on it yet, you pay nothing. If I’m half way through you pay 50% etc.

5.         Additionally I understand that when you are looking for a job you don’t always have access to the funds you need in advance. I get it – but this is something you and I need to discuss prior to work being started. I have at times put clients on payment plans if they let me know in advance about their issue. This is my choice and each situation is analysed on an individual basis. Do not sign this document if you do not have the funds available to pay for the service. Contact me direct instead and see if I can work something out for you.

6.         Once payment has been made you own the rights to the work. In the event of a non-payment I own the rights to the work. If you do not own the rights to the work and use it or any part of it, you will be prosecuted under law for breach of copyright.

7.         This contract is legally binding and all non-payments that have not completed the exit process will be followed up on and forwarded to a debt collection agency as part of the legal process.

8.         Unless otherwise arranged the following prices apply:

•           Resume $149

•           Cover Letter $49

•           Selection Criteria $199 for the first six points and $30 excess fee for each point after six.


Education Isn’t Everything

Why Education Isn’t Everything

Previously when I worked with disadvantaged youth to assist them to gain employment, their parents biggest concern was that their child ‘lacked an education’ or wasn’t academic enough. This was especially prevalent amongst refugee youth.  The thing is, education isn’t everything. Yes, you need to learn the basics; reading, writing and how to use a calculator but there are millions of successful people out there with only a year 10 education or less.

Now before you start beating me up and thinking that I’m all anti-education, I’m not. In fact I’m an avid supporter of the Room to Read Foundation which builds schools in third world countries because I believe education is important. But, I also believe that it’s not the solution for everybody. In fact, I think if you have a kid that isn’t academically orientated, pushing them into university studies is a sure way to set them up for failure.

Some kids are better with their hands and practical skills. When I was in Year 11 my school ran a ‘success day’ where they invited a whole bunch of successful people to come in and share their story in order to motivate us. I must have listened to at least 10 speakers but it was one in particular that really grabbed my attention.

The speaker was a very successful home builder and multi-million dollar business owner. In fact he was by far the richest and most ‘successful’ speaker at the event. By his own admission he totally sucked at school and had dropped out at the end of year nine.  His father was a firm believer in ‘earning or learning’ so he needed to find a job and managed to wrangle one as a Builder’s Apprentice (Note: This was back in the 80’s, you will find it difficult to get an apprenticeship without at least a Year 10 education now, if not Year 12). By the time he finished his apprenticeship he had decided that by better managing how he organised staff, he would be able to build 10 houses in the time it took his boss to build one – and that’s exactly what he did to become one of the most successful builders around and to turn profits that the area had never before seen in the industry.

What you need to know is:

  • A basic education is a must. Everybody should be able to read, write and complete basic arithmetic. In this day and age basic computer skills are another must. You need to be able to fill in a job application, google information, work out the correct amount of change to give someone and read the newspaper.
  • Some people are academically orientated. They should absolutely be encouraged to further their education.
  • Some people are better with practical tasks. Apprenticeships & Traineeships allow them to combine their practical skills with a theoretical education.
  • Some people just suck at school. Once they have the basics, encouraging them to find something they are good at and a job in a related field is of more benefit then pushing them further into an academic environment.
  • Year 12 is the new Year 10. A junior certificate no longer cuts it with a lot of employers but the good news is that schools have implemented a whole bunch of ‘VET’ subjects to cater for students that need a more ‘hands on’ approach.
  • Don’t be too worried if you (or your child) is a ‘late bloomer’. Plenty of over achieving high school students have found themselves stripping by their 30’s. (Trust me, it happens more than you think) and plenty of ‘troublemakers’ have gone on to have successful careers in their 30’s and 40’s.