80 Business Ideas You Can Start With $100

80 Business Ideas You Can Use For $100 Or Less

80 Business Ideas You Can Use For $100 Or Less


Looking for a new job? Maybe you should stop looking and start creating a new one instead with your own business. Here are 80+ business ideas you can start up today for $100 or less.


Tie Dye Baby Clothes – Ok, so I know it’s not the 70’s but have you seen how cute babies look in tie dye? Tie Dye is pretty easy to do as well (You Tube has some great training videos) and your sales options are open. You can sell at markets, alternative stores, through your own website or online stores like Etzy.

Tie Dye Knee High Boots – While on the topic of tie-dye (I’m slightly obsessed with the stuff) – let’s talk tie dye shoes and boots. I came so close to running with this idea myself that I even organised a few trial pairs (white knee highs) from China to practice on. Around the time they arrived the resume writing took off and it had to take the backseat but if you ever decide to go this way, please send me a pair. I’m size 8 Australian. As I said, I’m a little obsessed.

Astrology Charts – You have a few options with this one. If you have studied astrology and you can read a chart, you can offer chart readings to your customers either in person, via skype or simply write up a report and post it to them.

Resume Writing Service – So as you probably know Resume Writing was my start in the business world. I service clients all offer Australia using my laptop and phone connection. Obviously the fact that I worked in Employment Services before starting my own business helped build credibility but if you have experience writing resumes, plenty of people will hire you to help them.

Selection Criteria Writing Service – Selection Criteria is an Australian term for a document (I think of it as similar to a school essay) that employers want submitted for Government jobs along with the resume. They can be time intensive to write which is why people will often pay for someone else to write it for them.

Business Writing Service – If you have a good grasp of the written language, business writing could be a fantastic service for you to offer. Businesses are always looking for someone to write their newsletters, procedure manuals, letters and marketing material so this could be a potentially winning opportunity for you.

Business Plan Writing Service – Business plans take a lot of work to pull together and most new business owners need one to show banks and financial institutions but may not be confident enough to pull one together. If you have some experience in this area or are willing to learn, you could set up a website, purchase some advertising with Google and get started.

IndividualisedChildren’s Publishing – With the rise of self-publishing sites such as www.lulu.com it can be really easy to self-publish your own books in hardcopy.  Parents love personalised gifts for their children, so by writing a children’s book using the child’s name and getting Lulu to print, bind and mail it – you could be onto a winner

Dog Walking – This one is pretty self-explanatory and would suit those of you not overly comfortable with technology. Although a website is always a good idea, it wouldn’t be a requirement. You could make up leaflets or use your social contacts to let everyone know of your services.

Lawn Care Service – Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you already have a mower and a way to transport it, you can pimp out your mowing services in the area. Again, this is always a good option if you ae not comfortable with technology.  Put up some flyers, arrange a letter box drop or simply go door to door letting people know of your services.

Get The Job You Love

Get The Job You Love

Clothing Mender – I’m short, I can’t sew and I can’t buy a pair of pants that are short enough for my stumpy legs. If you have a sewing machine and you are handy with needle and thread, you can always offer your services altering people’s clothes for them.

Children’s Clothing Handmade– There is a huge market for this at the moment. People love buying their children individual, handmade clothing and will pay a premium price for it. I knew a woman who sewed nappy covers with ruffles on them and made a fortune selling online from Facebook. She would no sooner upload a picture of a product and it would be snapped up. She simply processed the payments through PayPal and never even bothered with her own website.

Homemade Soaps and Candles – This is another oldie but goodie. If you have some skill making homemade soaps or candles you can sell them at the markets, at online stores such as Etzy or from your own website. There are endless possibilities, although I notice there are a lot of these around so you may want to look at how much competition there is in your area before you invest too much time in it.

Wood Furniture Maker – Again, if this is something you have skills in, you could be onto a winner – especially if you live in a remote town that doesn’t have local access to this sort of thing. You could also consider selling items as a local tourist souvenir – think small items travelers can carry like spice racks or small handmade mirrors with the name of your town engraved on them.

Marketing Expert – If you have experience in online marketing there is a huge demand for these services right now. Anyone that has a website or product to sell on the internet is looking for ways to increase their audience and build their list, so if this is a skill you offer there has never been a better time to build your own online presence.

Interview Coach – Have a HR background? Interview Coaches help people pass job interviews so they can find a job. Although these sessions have been originally conducted in person, Skype now makes it possible to provide coaching from your own home to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Business Coach – Business Coaches help people get started or expand their business. Again, with the rise of Skype, sessions can take place all over the world so if you have a business background and a track record of helping other business owners achieve results, this may be an avenue you would like to explore.

Life Coach – Life Coaches help people make the most of their lives. They provide accountability, mentoring and advice to help others work out what they want from life. They can help create action plans to get people started and may specialise in different life areas or just go mainstream. There are a number of different training programs to help you gain life coach qualifications. A quick Google search will get you on the right track.


If you want to learn everything you need to know to get your business up and running within the next 7 days, including how to get your first customers – you need to check out my new program. It’s designed to have your new business up and running within the next 7 days and if you use this voucher you will get 50% OFF. (Hint: that makes it cost about the same as the t-shit I brought last week)


Scrap Metal Merchant – Another idea for those of you not wanting much to do with technology. Scrap Metal Recyclers pay money for scrap metal from soft drink cans to copper piping. Scrap merchants may buy old scrap from properties and resell it for a higher price to the Recyclers.  You will need at least a ute to cart the scrap and most merchants have a truck so if you don’t already own these – the idea will cost way more than $100.

Transcriber – If you can type pretty fast and with high accuracy you may want to offer transcription services online.  The client simply sends you the audio file and you transcribe it into a document for them. Super simple to set up with a website and some online advertising, this service is becoming more in demand everyday by internet entrepreneurs around the world.

Handy Man/Women – Another one that doesn’t rely on internet technology, if you happen to be pretty handy, you can make minor repairs that don’t require any qualifications. It’s always a good idea to contact the local real estates and offer your services as they are often looking for quality repair work for tenants at a reasonable price.

Voiceover – Have a voice for radio? Often online entrepreneurs are looking for people to voiceover commercials, power points or training slides. Again, it’s simply a matter of setting up your own website and directing traffic there through your marketing efforts.

Video Editor – With You Tube growing every day and so many bloggers creating video blogs, there is a growing demand for Video Editors. If this is something you have a skill in, you may want to set up a simple webpage and target traffic to it.

Website Designer – Do you offer experience in Web Design? These days even your grandmother wants to be on the web so there is a constant demand. Web design also has a lot of competition, but if you believe you have what it takes, it may be time to throw your hat in the ring too.

Blog/Content Creator – This is another good option for aspiring writers. Small business owners have a lot of work to keep up with and they don’t always have the time to write blogs and create content to send to their readers. If you have writing skills, you may want to market yourself as a blog writer and start ghost writing blogs for other people.

Author – Have you ever wanted to write a book? Even if you don’t want to go the traditional route of finding an agent and a publisher, sites such as Amazon and Lulu make it super simple to self-publish your own book. You don’t need to order heaps of copies either! The customer orders direct from the publisher who processes the payment and delivers your book. It’s really easy to set up, but you are usually  responsible for your own marketing.

Work from home

Work from home

SEO Consultant – Do have experience getting websites on the first page of Google? Everyone with a website wants to be on the front page for their subject matter and they will pay big money for someone to help them get there.

Adwords Expert – Have you taken the Adwords Expert certification? It’s free to do and once you have it you can sign up with Adwords to gain access to free advertising offers for your clients. An Adwords Expert usually manages other people’s online advertising campaigns that either don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it themselves.

Speech Writer –This is anotherone for aspiring writers. Have you thought about marketing your services as a Speech Writer? A lot of the time people get stuck on what to say for functions, events and major events and will pay someone else to write their speech for them.

Editor – Do you have a keen eye for detail? You may want to start up your own proofreading or editing service. People will often pay someone to proofread their webpages, blog posts or email letters before they send them.

Virtual Assistant – With so many administration assistants in the workplace it was only a matter of time before someone worked out there was an online market for it. I frequently engage the services of a Virtual Office Assistant to help me with the administration needs of my business. Think tasks you don’t have to be in the same office to do such as data entry, bookkeeping, records management, document drafting and research.

Sales Letter Writer – Do you have a knack for sales with the ability to convert sales pages and letters into sales? If you can deliver proven results this is a skill that many entrepreneurs will pay big money for. You can market you skills in Facebook business groups as well as contacting businesses direct to offer you services.

Logo Designer – Are you a graphic design expert? People are always looking for Logos and this could be a field for you to specialise in. Be aware that competition is fierce but if you have creative talent, your work will speak for itself.

Photoshop Editor – People that can edit photographs are in hot demand. Most startups take their own product pictures when starting out, but this doesn’t mean they won’t pay a professional to make the pictures look their very best prior to publishing.

Model/Actor – Sites like www.Fiverr.com often offer modeling and acting services. Small business owners  don’t always want to be the face of their own promotional advertisements so if you have some skill with acting or modelling and can put a video together – this is a service you can offer.

PowerPoint Creator – With so many business owners putting together training tutorials, pitches and creating online courses, people who can put a fun and engaging PowerPoint together are in hot demand.  Most people offer this as part of virtual administration services so if you were one of the only ones that specialised in this field, traditional advertising could really work for you.

Course Creator – Sites such as www.udemy.com make it really simple to host your own course online. Of course you can also host your courses on your own site with a little effort.  Basically you put together a course in an area you can teach and people pay to take it. With Udemy they keep a percentage and you get the rest.

Research Assistant – As an online entrepreneur there has been numerous times I’ve outsourced research jobs to an assistant to free up my own time. This has included anything from researching small Australian newspapers to chasing down suppliers of white knee high canvas boots. If you excel at research, this is a service you can offer.

Social Marketer – Are you obsessed with Social Media and do you know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Many people don’t have the time to manage their company social media accounts and will pay someone else to do it for them.

Stunt Creator – I don’t mean a stunt person for the movies, I mean an individual that can create cheap low cost promotional stunts for small business owners. This could something like organising a flash mob to get the attention of the public. If you aren’t shy and can come up with an endless supply of creative ideas, there is certainly a market for it.

Recipe Planner Service – People are time poor these days and some of us will pay anything for someone to save as time. As a recipe planner you could create a list of recipes for each day based on the individual requirements of your client, combine this with a ready to go shopping list and people will pay for the service.


Cleaning – This is another traditional service that doesn’t require a lot of technology knowledge. You can clean homes, offices and cars and can potentially drum up customers through leaflet delivery, leaving your business cards around and word of mouth.

Tutor – Many people involved in education need a tutor for some subjects. This includes young children and university students. If you are particularly strong in a certain subject this is a service you can offer in your local area. You could even offer your services online using Skype to coach to your students.

Language Teacher – If you speak a second language you can teach others via Skype, in person or through group immersion lessons. You could even arrange a sit down dinner for a group of students at a local Café where they can immerse themselves in the language in an informal environment.

Event Planner – Do you have a knack for pulling off large events? You could offer your services as an event planner where you arrange catering, decorations and any other equipment needed for conferences, parties and events. You could even specialise in certain areas such as weddings or children’s parties.

Personal Assistant – Everybody has tasks they don’t want to do. This is can include things like paying bills, walking the dog, picking up groceries, organising a party or doing the banking. You can offer your services as a Personal Assistant and charge an hourly rate to do these tasks for people in your local area.

Garage Seller – There seems to be an increased number of people making money by reselling items others are selling for cheap. I noticed that when I recently moved house and sold off some my old furniture on an online selling Facebook site, the items I sold were often re-advertised on the site  the next day for quite a lot more. You can comb the local buy and sell sites on Facebook, purchase the items that are going cheap and then resell the items on the same site a few days later for a higher price if you think you will be able to get it.


If you want to learn everything you need to know to get your business up and running within the next 7 days, including how to get your first customers – you need to check out my new program. It’s designed to have your new business up and running within the next 7 days and if you use this voucher you will get 50% OFF. (Hint: that makes it cost about the same as the t-shit I brought last week)


Decluttering Service – Clutter is something most households have a problem with and if you don’t keep on top of it, it can seem like a full time job when you finally get around to it. You can offer to assist the person to declutter their house and dispose of the items they don’t want. Instead of charging an upfront fee you might want to make it that you can resell any item they don’t want to keep as your payment.

Plant Seller – If you have a green thumb, you can grow and sell plants at the local markets and plant shows.  You may even want to start your own Facebook business page and offer your plant services such as pruning or weeding as a side gig.

Professional Organiser – If you have a knack for organisation you may want to offer your services as a professional organiser. This could include anything from organisingbusiness files to helping mothers organise their personal schedules.

Ironing Lady – If you don’t mind ironing and you can do a good job without burning holes through the clothes, an ironing service may be the way to go. You pick up the clothes, take them home, iron them and then take them back to the owners.  This is a service that’s been around for a long time and it’s not one that you have to be online to offer.

Tour Guide – Does your town offer some tourist attractions within walking distance? I’ve been on a number of walking tours where an individual leads the group around town and points out places of interest. My favourite was a ‘haunted house’ tour of New Orleans. We never went in the houses but the tour guide walked us past them and told us stories that made my hair curl. I joined the tour after seeing a flyer on a noticeboard about it.

Mystery Shopper – Business Owners always want to know how their staff are performing when they aren’t around and many employ ‘mystery shoppers’ to go in the store and grade the staff on their service. If you like shopping, this could be a fun gig or you.

Ghost Writer – This is yet another idea for all inspiring writers. Many entrepreneurs want to write an eBook as a marketing tool but don’t have the time or skill to write it themselves.  You can write the book and sign the rights to the work over to them. Ghost writers are in hot demand on outsourcing sites such as www.elance.com.

Personal Stylist – Do you have a flair for fashion? People want to look good but don’t always know how to achieve it. If you have a great understanding of personal style there is a market for you to teach others how to achieve the look they want.

80+ Business Ideas

80+ Business Ideas


Public Relations – Most entrepreneurs want media attention but may not be sure how to make it happen or lack the contacts needed. If you have a background in PR this is your chance to help small business owners achieve the publicity they need.

Pooper Scooper – Why it may not be the most pleasant activity out there, that’s the very reason people will pay you to do it for them.  Basically you go around to pet owner’s house and scoop their dogs poop up and dispose of it. Again, no technology required.

House Photographer – Real Estate Agents often pay a photographer to go around and photograph the houses they want to rent or sell.  If you can make houses look pretty in pictures this is a possible career opening for you. Of course, you will already need to own the equipment needed or it will cost you more than $100 to start up.

Wedding Favours – You know those little boxes they give of wedding favours at weddings with assorted goodies and sweets inside? They can be really annoying to box up if you have a whole bunch of other weddings things you need to do before the big event. That’s why you can sell these already boxed so you save the bride or groom valuable time.

Personal Sign Holder – People love to promote their business any way that works so there is a small market for sign holders to stand on the side of a busy road waving current specials at the traffic. You will need to check your local laws to make sure it’s ok but if you don’t mind standing for long periods of time, this could be a source of income for you.

Children’s Entertainer – Are you good with kids? Maybe you have some balloon tying or face painting skills that you can put to use entertaining at children’s birthday parties. You will need to check the laws in your area as you may require a Working with Children or Police Check but this is a potential business idea for some of you.

Children Party Plan – Parents are often overwhelmed these days with work, extracurricular activities and the rest of life. If you have the skills to put together kick- arse events for children and young people, there may be a market in your local area for this.

Exercise Buddy-Not everybody needs a personal trainer. Sometimes all a person needs is some support and accountability. If you love exercising, hiring yourself out as an exercise buddy could pay off. Additionally sometimes people want to walk for health or fitness but are scared of going alone in case they get attacked by a dog or kidnapped so they may pay just to have another person with them.

Accountability Buddy – This is a service you can offer from your laptop. Basically you keep people on track with their diet, exercise, work or life goals by checking in with them a few times each week to make sure they are staying on track. You can offer a phone or email service depending on your customer’s preference and budget.

Dog Groomer – This is another one that has been around forever. If you are good with animals you may like to offer your services as a Dog Groomer. We used to offer this service as kids and racked up business just by putting flyers on the local shop noticeboard.

Snake Catcher – Are you good with reptiles? Most people are afraid of snakes and will pay to have them removed. You may need to check with the local laws in your area but an advertisement in the phonebook and a website targeted for your area should get you in business.

Window Cleaner – This is another one that has been around for a while. If you have the basic equipment you can market your window cleaner services. This is a job that nearly everyone avoids and it’s another one that you won’t need to get online to take advantage of.


Photographer – This one has been around for a while but you could put a relatively new spin on it. With the rise of social media I have seen a case where a photographer offers ‘Facebook Profile Picture’ packages where she chooses a location and schedules multiple bookings for the day for 10 minutes each. This keeps it cheap for her clients but also allows her to make a killing because she services so many people at the same time.

Professional Scrapbooker – Nearly everybody loves to keep memories but not everybody has the time to put their photos into a pretty scrapbook. This is something I would pay to have done with my own photos but I’m yet to see the service offered.

Family Researcher – Another service people may pay for is for you to research and put together their family tree. A lot of people are interested in their family history but may not have the time or the resources to pull it all together.

Interior Decorator – Do you have a flair for design? You may want to offer your services as an interior designer. Sometimes real estate agents just want a house to look pretty for the open houses so they may be someone to market your services towards

Feng Shui Consultant – Feng Shui is all the rage when it comes to moving into a new home or changing an existing one. If you have a background in this you may want to start offering your services. Brochures at local real estate offices may help your marketing crusade.

Numerologist – Do you know what the various number combinations mean? It may be time to start your own numerologist business. You could start a website and run advertising on it, offer consultations or create courses to help others learn what’s in the numbers

Kids Activity Planner – As a parent of a toddler I know I’m always looking for ideas that I can do with my child. If you have a list of child friendly activities parents can do to spend quality time with their children, you could offer your services  planning awesome family fun activities for parents that lack the imagination (like myself).

Start A Band – Can you play an instrument or carry a tune? You could get together with friends and start your own band. You don’t have to limit yourself to clubs or pubs either – offer your services at weddings, parties and events to bring in extra dollars

Professional Speaker – Have a passion for speaking in public and a topic people would be willing to pay you to talk about? Put a website together, get some free practice and start marketing your services in the local community by contacting schools, universities and community clubs direct.

Eulogy Backup – Have you ever had to do a eulogy while choking back tears because you couldn’t find an impartial backup? If you have a talent for speaking in public and don’t let emotions overwhelm you, you might be able to market your services as a Eulogy backup or speaker for people who want to share something but don’t want to speak in public

Money Coach – Do you have a great money mindset or a background in money? A money coach isn’t a financial planner but they can help your work on your money mindset and provide accountability for you to keep on target with your financial goals.

Nappy Wash Service – Environmental concerns are sending some mums back to cloth nappies, but with a newborn baby to care for on top of the regular household chores – washing nappies may not be on her bucket list. You could pick up the nappies, wash and fold them and return them in time for the next round.

Gift Pack Service – People are always looking for novelty gift ideas. If you have an idea for a gift pack that isn’t offered by the mainstream services you might want to look into this as an opportunity. For example you may want to put together a ‘hippie newborn pack’ for new mums and dads that includes tie dye baby clothes, slings and bandannas for the little one.

New Mum Support Service – Being a new mum can be overwhelming and lonely. New mum groups are fine but sometimes people don’t like the idea of meeting in a group format. They may not need the professional support of an expert but just want to have a cup of coffee with someone that ‘gets it’. You could also offer extras like a personal delivery service if she needs to suddenly pick up new wipes or nappies

Venting Listener – I’ve seen this done and I think it’s an awesome idea. Sometimes we just want to vent to an impartial party that has no personal stake. It’s not that we want advice or counselling or even a solution – it’s just to get it off our chest. You could offer your services as a Venting Listener via Skype, the phone or in person

Comedian – If you know how to make people laugh, it may be time to take a look at stand-up comedy. You don’t need to go A-List all at once. Maybe you can market your services out to people that want someone other than a stripper at their 18th or 21st.


Freelance Writer – Have an interest in short stories, travel or just plain writing? You may want to look into a freelance writing career. Basically you pitch an idea that you want to write about to magazines, newspapers and online journals, write the article and cash the cheque.

Artist – Can you draw or paint? Maybe it’s time to see if you can turn your hobby into a business? With handmade stores such as Etzy on the rise, you can now get your artwork in front of more people than ever before.


If you want to learn everything you need to know to get your business up and running within the next 7 days, including how to get your first customers – you need to check out my new program. It’s designed to have your new business up and running within the next 7 days and if you use this voucher you will get 50% OFF. (Hint: that makes it cost about the same as the t-shit I brought last week)


Art Teacher – Can you teach others how to paint or draw? You may like to offer an online course on platforms such as Udemy. Many people love to paint but can’t find an art class local enough or that fits their schedule. If you can guide people step by step in videos – this could be a great revenue stream for you.

Repairman – Are you handy with tools? Can you fix broken things or install a TV or other electronic device? You may want to offer your services as a repair man. Again, you don’t have to get online with this one (although it may help) – try word of mouth or flyer drops

Pet Sitter – Have room at your place for extra animals? Love animals and want to take great care of them. Maybe you just want to look after animals at the owners place? Again, you probably don’t have to get online with this one. Advertising in your local area should drum up some business.

Blogger – Perez Hilton is a blogger and he makes big money from it. That said, becoming a professional blogger takes work and you need to build your audience before people will start paying to advertise on your site. That said, if you have something interesting to say, I’m sure there is someone out there who wants to read it.

Affiliate Marketer – These marketers make their money by promoting other peoples products. For example you may have a website where you review new photography equipment and include a link to people selling the product. If you have signed up as an affiliate with them, you get a percentage of anything they purchase.

Web Design Critique Service – Not everyone needs a website designer but there comes a time where everyone could do with an impartial third party opinion. You may want to offer to review people’s websites and write a list of suggested improvements the site owner can make themselves for a small fee.

Home Moving Unpacker – Not everybody enjoys unpacking their belongings into a new place. You could offer to unpack their goods at the house and set it up for them so they can just move in with everything all organised for them.

Home Moving Packer – You could also offer your services as a Home Moving Packer where you pack all their belongings ready for them to be transported. I don’t mind the unpacking part but I’d gladly pay to have someone pack everything for me.

Home Assistant – This is similar to a personal assistant but in this case you arrange a set time to come over to the client’s house and provide general assistance. Maybe you come to the clients house everyday between 3-6pm and pick the kids up from school, help prepare dinner, make the kids lunches for the next day etc.

Relocation Coach – If you have a lot of experience moving interstate or overseas to new locations and towns, you may want to offer your services as a relocation coach. Often when people move to a new location, it can be hard settling in or getting motivated to meet new people. You could coach your clients on how to best settle in to a new location, provide support and set social activity goals so the client gets out and meets new people.

Business Promoter – Are you skilled in promotion? You may want to offer your services as a promoter, especially if you have some clever ideas that will help your client get noticed. You could approach the business you want to promote and offer a free ‘strategy session’ to demonstrate how you could help them.

Drink Driver Car Service – Not everyone wants to leave their car parked on a deserted side street or carpark if they have too much to drink while they are out.  You could buddy up with a friend and drive both the client and their car home so they have it parked in their garage and ready to drive when they wake up the next morning.

Personal Shopper – Not everyone likes shopping, so you could offer your services as a personal shopper. The client writes a list of groceries they want and you purchase them and deliver. Depending on how many people live in your area this could be an option.

Whew, that was a long list!  Did you find an idea for your new business?

The thing is starting a business isn’t just an idea. There is so much to learn about websites, mailing lists and marketing that it can seem totally overwhelming at first.

If you want to learn everything you need to know to get your business up and running within the next 7 days, including how to get your first customers – you need to check out my new program. It’s designed to have your new business up and running within the next 7 days and if you use this voucher you will get 50% OFF. (Hint: that makes it cost about the same as the t-shit I brought last week)

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