Designer Resumes, What are they and do you need one?

Recently I had an enquiry about a designer resume and if this was a service I provide.  It was an interesting question and new to me although I have seen a few of these resumes comes across my desk over the past year or so.

What is a designer resume? Basically a designer resume is a resume where the format has usually been designed by a Graphic Designer. It’s usually heavy on the graphics and will incorporate a number of different fonts and graphic elements.   The key difference between a designer resume and a normal resume is that a designer resume focuses on the design; a normal resume focuses on content.

So do you need a designer resume? If you are a graphic designer than absolutely!  For everyone else, the short answer is no (but they sure are pretty and you might want one).

That said you need to be aware of the two main issues associated with them. Firstly the resumes are usually created by graphic designers not resume writers/employment consultants, so although the graphics look awesome the content can be not so great. I have seen probably 10 designer resumes come across my desk this year where client’s had paid money to have one only to find that the resume wasn’t working because the content wasn’t what the employer was looking for. In all cases the client was asking me to do a completely new normal resume that focused on content. The second issue is that usually you can’t edit the document yourself and will need to pay the graphic designer for any revisions you need further down the track which can add up over time.

My suggestion is that if you want a designer resume, get a resume writer to write your resume first so your content is great, then get the graphic designer to incorporate the content into a ‘designer resume’ for you.  You can check out who offer a team of graphic designers who will put the content you give them in to a designer resume. Just to be clear these guys are designers not writers so you will need to provide your own content or get a resume writer to write it for you.

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