"I want to let you know that I got a call for an interview I applied for the other day. The employer informed me that over 140 resumes were received and they chose 6 resumes for interviews. Thanks so much for your magic resumes." Sally 

"I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting my CV together in such short time frame. Within 3 days of sending my CV I was offered a teaching job :) My CV definitely made a great first impression" Deb

Who Am I? How Can I Help You?

Fixed Prices. Quick Turn Around. Professional Consultant. Easy Order Process. Great Results!!!  

One of the few services that offer fixed packages starting from $99 with real testimonials from real customers.  

I'm the preferred supplier for several Recruiters so you know our quality meets recruiter requirements.  

A quick turnaround. We work to your deadline and can have it ready as soon as you need it.  

 Experience - I've worked with some of the biggest names in Employment Services (Max, DSDS, ITEC). I've also published two books based on selection criteria and getting the job you love with my third due to be published early next month.  


"Thank you so much, my new revamped Resume is awesome. You have done a great job, well worth the investment, if only I did this years ago. I can't believe how you have managed to consolidate and highlight skills, WOW. I believe that this will be the winning Resume that puts me at the top of the pile of applicants. I have new found confidence that I will land the job I have been looking for." Karen  

"You recently updated my partner's resume and I wanted to personally write to you to thank you. As you know he's trying to change career - a big challenge!! He has received rejection after rejection with his old resume, which get harder to receive each time, so seeing what you have produced has given me the confidence boost for this next big chapter of our lives. You were able to draw out skills and experience and put words around them in a format that instantly grabs your attention. He sounds amazing on paper! I have every hope potential employers will see it the same way. Thank you again, I can't explain what a difference you've made for us. I will highly, highly recommend your services to anyone that asks." Lauren  

"I just wanted to email you to say thank you! What you've done is amazing and honestly just blew me away. I didn't even know resumes could be written professionally until I was told by a friend and had honestly struggled to write my own, it was beginning to stress me out! When I opened up my resume and CL I read it through so many times, it just sounded so amazing and I thought to myself this THIS is a resume and cover letter! I'm so much more optimistic about applying for work now and I'm not afraid that I'm sending something dismal and unworthy through as my resume. Thank you thank you thank you again!! Sarah  


A Letter From Me To You

Hi There,  

My name is Nicole Coggan and I want to help you get the job you love through creating you a resume or cover letter that gets you the attention you deserve.  

I know you have loads of achievements that are just waiting to be uncovered and I’m here to help you uncover these so you can highlight them on your resume or criteria. I understand that the whole resume process can be overwhelming and confusing which is why I’ve created a ridiculously easy order process and guarantee my work by offering you a refund if you are not totally happy with it.  

Just let me know your deadline and I’ll work with you to get the job done in time.  

I offer a 100% online and phone consultancy in order to keep my overheads down and to pass on the savings to you so just let me know if you would prefer a phone interview or to fill in my super easy questionnaire.  

I’ve been helping people find work, create resumes and write selection criteria for the past 8 years and prior to starting my own consultancy worked for the big names in Employment Services such as MAX, ITEC and DSDS.  

On a recent customer service survey I conducted 100% of respondents stated they would refer me to their family or friends and I received some really nice referrals and feedback from past clients, some of which I’ve included in the testimonial section above.  

I look forward to working with you.  



  " Nicole Coggan has been preparing my resumes and selection criteria for the past four positions Ive applied for and I got through the interview process and eventually got each job. Two of these positions were for London Councils and Nicole adapted the legislation details without any fuss. I would thoroughly recommend Nicole and her Consultancy business to new job seekers right through to those who are pursuing executive positions." Andrew R

"I just wanted to let you know that after three months of no interviews, within 24 hours of sending out my NEW resume and cover letter, I have an interview!"  



Q: Why is your package only $99. A: This is my express service – because the order process takes place online, I don’t need to pay staff to answer the phone or complete any administration to get your order ready. If you would prefer to consult with me on the phone – I offer a premium service here. The result is the same but if you choose the express service, I don’t have any overheads and can reduce the price.  

Q. I’d prefer to be able to speak to someone about my order over the phone. Can I do that? A. I only offer email support for my $99 package but if you would like the more personalised contact phone support offers – you can purchase one of my premium packages here.  

Q. What are my payment options? A. We accept credit card & PayPal. The choice is yours.  

Q. What format do the finals comes in? A. Finals will be sent to you in Word and PDF versions so you can add in new jobs down the track.  

Q. Do I get the chance to make revisions prior to the final copy? A. You sure do. I'll email you a draft and and make any changes you need for the final.  

Q. Do you send out hardcopies in the post? A. Not usually, but we will send hardcopies for a $10 surcharge or a USB stick with the content on it for an additional $25.  

Q. Do you offer cover letters? A. Yes, cover letters are included as part of our complete package or are offered as a stand alone service for $49.  

Q. What if I need my resume within 24 hours? A. I have a set number of places set aside each week for emergency jobs that require a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. There is a $49 surcharge on all emergency jobs and places are distributed on a first come, first served basis.  

Q. What sort of industries do your resumes work in?  

I write resumes for all types of jobs. In the past I have written resumes for Administration, Managers, Sales Representatives, Mechanics, Plumbers, Operators, Security Guards, Teachers, Nurses, Police Officers, Ambulance Officers, Retail Staff, Hospitality Workers etc.  

However if you are a Lawyer, Doctor, Scientist or IT Professional I have a colleague who specialises in your field so email me here and I’m happy to point you in his direction. 

Have more questions? Email and ask at  

Past Client Reviews

"I thought you might like to know that I was successful and was offered the position today which I accepted. I would like to say a big thanks for all your assistance and will be raising a cold one to say cheers tonight." Brett C

"Hi Nicole, Just a little bit of feedback for you! I used my resume for the advertised position as discussed with you, I had a phone call 48 hours after sending it in for an interview. The doctor that called me said he just wanted to let me know that my resume was very well written and gave him the details he required without having to go through pages of nothing he said it told him what I could do and that is what he needed to know! Once again thank you.’" Coleen

"Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say thank you for your services at the beginning of the year. I am happy to say that I was offered a position and am now in my third week of work at the Hospital. There have been only a handful job openings in my area in the past few years and hundreds of applicants for each position. The application you put together for me allowed me to clearly and confidently communicate what I have to offer and I am sure this is what gave me an edge over other candidates. Thank you very much and all the best for you and your business" . 


ORDER AS EASY AS 1,2,3....................

  Step One: Purchase Your Package All payments are backed under the PayPal guarantee so if I don’t deliver your work, PayPal will ensure you get your money back. Risk Free Buying For You.  


Step Two: Send Through Your Documents I will send you a confirmation email requesting you to fill out a simple form and attach any supporting documentation you may wish me to use. I will also send you a copy of my legendary ‘Resume Achievements List’ – a completely optional questionnaire designed to pinpoint your achievements.  


Step Three: I will email your resume to you in (2) working days. Within (2) business days of you sending me your client form and supporting information, I will deliver your resume straight to your inbox. Usually the resume is ready to go – but if you need any changes I’m happy to make them for you.

Need A Matching Cover Letter? Purchase The 'Complete Job-Seeker' Package Instead.

What's in the Package?  

Complete Job Seeker Solution Package $149 (Usually $297)

 Price includes (1) of our designer resumes (Value $99) 

+ a free cover letter (Value $49)

 + access to a special 30 day 'Get The Job You Love Boot-Camp' online course (Value $49)

 + an online career sample bag with case studies and self employment guides (Value $25)

 + a free copy of Ebooks 'Get The Job You Love' and 'Selection Criteria Examples' (Value $25)

 + a set of 'fill in the blank' selection criteria templates + access to our online Selection Criteria Writing course (Value $49)

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