Famous ‘Bridge’ Jobs

Are your currently working a ‘bridge’ job while you wait for your big career break? Perhaps you are waiting tables or slugging it away in a factory while you wait to get your book published, finish university or start your career in the industry you really are passionate about? To make you feel better and more optimistic about your success rate, I’ve researched and listed some bridge jobs of the rich and famous – before they were, like, rich and famous.

Tom Cruise – Yes, this famous couch surfing, scientologist, actor worked as a Paperboy before going on to become a household name.

David Letterman – Apparently this talk show host used to work at a grocery store

Tim Allen – Remember Tim? Well, before turning his life around and entering our life on his popular comedy sitcom, this dude spent two years in prison as a Cocaine Dealer.

Jennifer Aniston – Who doesn’t love Jen? I think we can all take comfort in the fact that this lass did a stint as a telemarketer prior to her big break.

Alec Baldwin – Apparently ole Alec was a Bouncer. This does not surprise me.

Jon Bon Jovi – Christmas Decoration Maker. I’m not entirely sure what a Christmas Decoration Maker does but I imagine it meant he worked in a factory somewhere.

Sandra Bullock – The lovely Sandra used to work as a Bartender. Nice to know I’m not the only one that slaved away in hospitality prior to getting my career break

Kurt Cobain – Kurt worked as a Janitor before making it big with Nirvana. That may have been a happy ending if only he hadn’t shot himself.

Coolio – This Gansta Paradise star was a Firefighter. Talk about cool first jobs!

Courtney Cox – Apparently Courtney was a spokesperson for a tampon company.

Walt Disney – The creative genius used to work as an ambulance driver.

The morale to this post, if there needs to be one – is that bridge jobs don’t define you or where you will be in 10 years’ time. Don’t be ashamed of your bridge job, everybody has them. They build character, teach you valuable skills and put food on the table – and even famous people have them!

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