What You Need To Know About Working With An Employment Consultant

First up, Employment Consultants fall into three categories. These are:

Employment Consultants who work for agencies contracted to the government

Recruitment Consultants who get paid by the employer to find staff for them

Employment Consultants who work for the person looking for the job

You need to choose the right one or I guarantee you are wasting your time. For example if you are a fully qualified Mechanic with no barriers to employment (meaning there is no reason why you can’t get a job) and you are not on any government unemployment payments you are totally wasting your time registering with an agency that is contracted to the Government and I’m about to explain why.

Employment Agencies Contracted To The Government

These agencies are contracted to the Government and get paid to get people off unemployment benefits and into work. They are free.  If you are on unemployment benefits you will be assigned a ‘stream’ of 1-4 based on an assessment that basically works out how hard it will be for you to find and maintain employment based on factors such as education level, health, experience and barriers such as recent jail time, drug abuse and homelessness.  If you rank a level one, you will are considered very employable, if you rank a four it means they believe you need to overcome significant barriers to gain employment.

What you need to know is that the employment agency gets more money getting someone on level four into a job then level one, so it’s in their best interest to put the level four person forward and not the level one, even if level one is a much better match. Try not to take that personally, it’s just business.

Back to our Mechanic example. Let’s say you are a fully qualified Mechanic with excellent references and no issues and you get assigned a level one. Now, let’s say there is another Mechanic signed up with the agency who just got out of jail, has no references and has an ongoing drug issue. Who do you think is going to get put forward for the job? Yep, Freddy because he makes the agency lots more money.  (Note: not every single government agency operates this way, but it’s very common)

Employment agencies contracted to the government are best suited to you if:

  • You are on some form of government payment or welfare
  • Have significant barriers to overcome: Homelessness, drug dependence, recent health issues, domestic violence, jail time

Recruitment Consultants Paid By the Employer

These guys are paid by the employer to get the best possible match for the job. Sure, if you are their perfect match they will also help you into a job but their focus is the employer – not you. Again, don’t take this personally, it’s just business. Recruitment Consultants are kind of like matchmakers but for work.  One thing to keep in mind is that Recruitment Consultants love people who look good on paper (have heaps of qualifications). I’ve lost count of the amount of people who would be perfect for a job because they have the experience but have missed out to people with less experience but more qualifications.

For example: I had a client that wanted to work in Banking. He had no finance qualifications but plenty of cash handling and customer service and more to the point he was super passionate about getting a job in banking. He contacted the branch he wanted to work at and was told they were hiring and to apply through a certain recruitment company. The recruitment company wasn’t interested in him because he didn’t have a finance degree. I encouraged him to write to the Manager of the Branch directly instead and guess who got to kick start his banking career?

A recruitment company is best suited to you if:

  • You look really good on paper
  • You have direct experience in the role you want to apply for
  • You have university qualifications to back up your experience

Employment Consultants That Work For You

This is me. First up I cannot charge you to get you a job.  By that I mean, I can’t find you a job and then ask you to pay me to put your forward for it or to get you into it.  That’s not how freelance Employment Consultant’s roll. Our services are designed to help you learn the necessary skills to gain the employment you want. For example I offer a resume service, an interview service, career coaching and advice and individualised job search plans. All these services are designed to get you into work but I don’t actually over match making between you and the employer.

An independent Employment Consultant is best for you if:

  • You need help finding a job
  • You want to interview well
  • You need to revamp your resume
  • You are not sure of your next career move
  • You need a job search plan to follow and implement
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