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Job Seeker Tip of the Week

If you want to list interests on your resume – make sure they are interesting or don’t waste the space.


Gardening Becomes: Member of the Toowoomba Rose Society for 15+ years, Winner of Best Champion Rose at the Toowoomba Show for (5) years in a row and volunteer with the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.
Fishing Becomes: President of the Toowong Barra Club and volunteer with the ‘Restock Miller Dam’ Committee.
Reading Becomes: Runner Up in the MS Read-A-Thon for reading 60 books in (1) week and raised $20,000 to build libraries in third world countries.

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Remember EVERYONE is writing Reading, Fishing and Gardening on their resume – if you want to use it at least make it something different and if you don’t have any anything related to your interest – is it really an interest anyway?

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