My Working Holiday Around Australia Real Life Case Study

This post is based on my working holiday around Australia and describes the where, what and how of where I worked, what it paid and how I got the job to start with. Because sometimes it’s good to see a real life example so you know it’s possibleJ

Gold Coast, QLD – Worked as a kitchen hand at ‘Cristabella’s Restaurant’ and as a duty manager at the ‘Snack Station’. The kitchen hand position probably paid about $16 an hour, it was legit and I got it by walking around and randomly handing in my resume at the shopping centre where it was located (hired on the spot because someone had just left, third place I visited). The Snack Station paid about $8 an hour and although I got a hand written pay slip saying ‘tax’ with my apparent deductions in an envelope stuffed with cash each week, I don’t think I was on the books. This job was also obtained by randomly handing my resume in at the shopping centre (probably around shop number 15 I visited and again, hired on the spot for an immediate start)

Halls Creek, WA – Did a six week stint filling in for a staff member who was on holidays at the local post office. I was paid the normal rate but can’t remember exactly what that was (maybe $18 per hour). This job was obtained by sending the manager a random email saying that I was going to be in town soon and did he have or know of anyone that had some causal work on the go. Accommodation included.

Katherine, NT – I did a stint at the Katherine Show (I think it was for 3 days at $80 per day). I managed one of the stalls where people throw a dart at the balloon and if it bursts they win a prize. I got it by heading to the show the day before it opened and asking if anyone had any work going and was hired on the spot.

Darwin, NT – This is a long list because at one stage I worked four of these jobs at the same time. Dishwasher, Café Uno – I got this one just handing my resume in on the main street in Darwin. I received a phone call the same day and started that night. I think it was about $18 an hour. At the same time I got a job working the bar at Lizards Bar and Grill the same way, I handed in my resume and got a trial which I passed, started the next day. Around the same time I also obtained a job as a housekeeper at the Novetel Hotel (again by handing in my resume) and gained some temp work gardening at the local ARMY base. The temp work came through signing up with a Labour Hire Company (I think it was Ready Workforce). I also got some casual work at the Toyota Dealership detailing cars (also by handing my resume in). All these jobs were on the books and paid the award wage for each industry (and I was very bloody tired at the end of the week). As a side note, I ended up loving Darwin and got myself a real job not long after which is also where I started my first Employment Consultant role.

Thargomindah, QLD – In my first stint in Thargomindah (I love the place and go back there often) I got a job cooking in the shearing sheds through word of mouth. I’m not a very good cook. In fact I’m kinda famous for just how bad I was. I also did some rouse-a-bouting in the shearing sheds for the same company and I think it paid about $18 an hour (accommodation and meals included). I also worked two nights per week at the Pub as a bar-tender which I got just by asking if they needed a hand.

Boulia, QLD – I worked on a cattle station as a Cook. I can’t remember the pay rate but it was award and all my food and accommodation was included. I got the job by responding to an advertisement in the Country Life (newspaper).

I loved my ‘working holiday’ around Australia and had such a great time meeting new people. I found it very easy to find work by ensuring that I always had a resume to hand in and by being proactive in my job search. Some jobs were more fun than others but all of them funded the next stage of my travels.

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