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Nursing Selection Criteria Example: Read on for a winning Nurse Criteria Example

Demonstrated extensive experience and advanced clinical competence in Emergency and Medical Nursing (Nurse Application)

I have over 12 years’ practical experience in providing clinical care to patients in rural and city  hospital environments throughout India, the United States of America and Australia. This includes extensive practical experience in Emergency and Medical Nursing.  I completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) qualification through the University of Perth in 2001.

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I am currently employed by Thargomindah Hospital in the position of Registered Nurse/Coordinator. I provide emergency treatment to patients suffering from trauma, acute chest pain and respiratory failure.  I manage multiple critically ill patients by assessing and prioritising their care, following instructions from the physician, documenting assessments, care plans and outcomes, and providing quality information and support to patients and family members regarding the condition, prognosis and treatment of the patient.

Prior to this, I was employed by Cunnamulla District Hospital as a Registered Nurse which included attending to patients with chest pain, wounds and trauma injuries. Part of my role required me to provide medical care while transferring patients via the Royal Flying Doctor Service and ambulance. I also have experience in the Critical Care, Intensive Care and Medical and Surgery Units.

My experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing care for patients on Ventilator
  • Acute patient care for over 10 patients
  • Electrocardiogram monitoring
  • Defibrillation and medication administration
  • Administering blood and TPN
  • Providing care to patients for respiratory and cardiac failure
  • Caring for post-operative patients
  • Supervising student nurses
  • Completing injections, transfusions and wound dressings
  • Ability to use ECG Machine, Infusion Pumps, Resuscitation Trolley, Pulse Oximeter, Cardiac Monitor, Nebulisers, Suction Apparatus, Glucometer plus other medical equipment.

Emergency and medical nursing is a day-to-day requirement of my current role. I monitor patients’ conditions and report these to the treating doctor. I also assist the doctor to assess the risk of transporting patients to the nearest hospital facility versus treating patients onsite, in cases such as pregnancies and births.

Emergency care also formed part of my duties with my employment as a Nurse with Cunnamulla Health. I needed to assess each patient’s medical condition to determine the level of risk involved, according to timeframes and priority treatment, in order to provide a quality service to patients. I also provided both high and low level care to aged care patients.

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