How To Pass An Interview (From A Management Perspective)

So, remember how I surveyed employers to find out what they most wanted to see on your resume? I also asked them what it took for a candidate to pass an interview with them and have collaborated some of the results below. Want to know how to pass your next interview? Read On:

Q. What is the worst thing a candidate can do during an interview with you?

“Not read the situation or me as an interviewer, talk over the top of me”

“Talk about their plans to move on somewhere else”

“Not speak clearly, not listen to the questions I’m asking, start an argument”

“Say they did something when they did not – slouch all over the table –  act not interested – give all the attention to the male interviewers on the panel – no eye contact”.


“Criticizing previous employers/colleagues”

“Give one word answers, not engage with the interviewer”

Q. What’s the best thing a candidate can do during an interview with you?

“Build rapport, relax and be themselves”

“Engage and show what they can bring to the table”

“Show that they’re interested in the business I’m in and the company specifically. Give specific ways they can help my business”.

“Be concise and ask questions – be prepared!”

“Truthful and be themselves”

“Discuss other strengths/interests outside their main skillset”

“Be genuinely interested, ask questions, speak confidently”

Q. After the interview do you check the applicants LinkedIn or Facebook profile?

62.50% of employers said they will try to check out your Facebook or Linkedin profile. 37.50% said ‘No’. Take this as a timely reminder to check your privacy settings on Facebook and make sure your profile picture isn’t something you would not want the employer to see.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to future applicants with your organisation, what would it be?


“Treat the process as a two way interaction. I want to get the best out of you at interview, and also for you to make sure the job, and me as manager, are the right fit”.

“Be honest and genuine and pay attention to the brief”.

“Be excited, passionate and do your research”.

“Follow the instructions for applying! (most people don’t which shows a lack of attention to detail)… unless you are so amazing that you blow me away with a really creative and relevant application”.

“Be passionate, research me and my company, and be willing to learn”.

“Research the perspective company, show genuine interest”.


Ok, there you have it exactly what you need to do in order to pass an interview, from the employer’s mouth. Remember these guys (and girls) have donated their time to respond to this survey so you can get a job you love, so pay attention and keep their tips in mind when you go for your next interview.

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