Relocation For Work Case Studies

So previously I’ve written about how relocating across the country or simply to a new town can be one of the most efficient ways to get your foot in the door especially if you are new to the industry. This week it was announced that the Australian Government is going to help cover the cost of relocating for work for eligible job seekers.

Up to $6000 will be available to those who move to a regional area to get work and $3000 for people who relocate to a city. Families may be eligible for an extra $3000, meaning unemployed parents with dependent children could get up to $9000. This is to help cover resettlement and moving costs and eligible job seekers will need to keep copies of their receipts for reimbursement.  You will need to check with Centrelink as to if you are eligible for this or not.

Now I don’t know about you but $3000 would have covered ALL my moving costs and would have been a huge help to me when I relocated for work. Are you tossing up whether to relocate for work or not? Need some extra inspiration? I’ve got you covered with my real life examples listed below.

I’ve relocated three times for work. The first time was in my late teens. I had been working in a factory and wanted to break out of the ‘factory’ stereotype but it was proving to be very challenging. I moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere ‘Thargomindah’ and obtained work in the shearing sheds, followed by employment in Local Government.  It seems small towns don’t discriminate as much as the city on your prior employment.

The second time occurred when I finished a traineeship on the Council and decided that it wasn’t a career path I wanted to pursue.  (I’m not sure why I thought I wanted to be a Diesel Fitter but 12 months was enough to convince me it wasn’t for me). I took a working holiday before settling in Darwin and deciding I wanted to be an Employment Consultant. Normally it would be pretty hard to break into this sort of role with no relevant experience, but it was Darwin and Darwin can be pretty forgiving of a lack of experience. I obtained a position as a Youth Recruitment Officer helping disadvantaged young people into work.

The third time occurred when I thought I wanted a career in Child Protection. I had loved working with disadvantaged youth as part of my employment role so it seemed like a natural progression. Of course with only my ‘Youth Worker’ background and no degree this would have been mission impossible in a big city but I was able to snare a position in the outback mining town of Mount Isa.

Do you still need more inspiration? Check out these real life examples:

Marty, aged 27 wanted to get an apprenticeship on the Gold Coast as a Diesel Fitter but was considered ‘too old’ and could only find work cleaning cars. He relocated to Darwin, obtained a position as a Trade Assistant at a multinational company and three months later gained an apprenticeship with them.

Jamie, aged 26 worked in a bottle shop and wanted a career as a Police Officer but wasn’t getting through the process in Melbourne. Relocated to Darwin and joined the Police Force three months later.

Shannon, aged 30, worked as a Bar Tender but wanted a different role. She was having a problem getting her foot through the door in Queensland and moved to the Northern Territory, securing a position as a Territory Manager for a major sporting brand. After six months was able to transfer to the same position, back in QLD.

Relocation works! So if this is something you have been thinking about for a while, make sure you check out the free ‘Relocation for Work’ training module below where I talk about your options, including targeting a location, accommodation and finding the right job for you.


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