Start Your Own Resume Writing Business From Scratch 

Work From Home, Set Your Own Hours, Make $$$

3 Weeks To Your New Online Business.

…………………………Next Round Starts: March the 5th 2018


Work From Home

I’ve been working from home since 2013 and athough I sometimes choose to work from a co-working space for the social interaction (and lets face it – to avoid sticking my head in the fridge every two minutes), its still the best place to be.

My resume business is managed 100% by phone and email and I never do face to face. Let me show you how….

Set Your Own Hours

Life changes – people have babies, lives and other committments. I started out working 20-25 hours per week, scaled it back to 15 when I had morning sickness and ramped it up to 38 once my children were a little bit easier to manage!

An online resume business allows YOU to choose when you want to work and how much. Night Owl? No problems. Morning Person? No worries. 

Make $$$

I started out making just over $50,000 my first year before steadily growing it to the $120,000+ mark by last year.  Is it possible to make more? Of course! I could have hired other writers but I’m not  fond of giving orders so I choose to keep it a one women show.

I’m going to show you exactly how I filled my client list from week one and some of the tips and tricks I used to expand my income while still keeping my business a 1 Women Show. 

Your Clients, Your Way

The right clients are a ‘must have’ to keep your stress levels low. The right customers will make resume writing a joy – the wrong ones will cripple  your drive to go to work. 

I’m going to show you how the different price points impacted on the standard of customers I worked on and show you how to weed out any unsuitable fits while still getting paid for them. 

My Story

When I had my first child I knew I didn’t want to go back into the stress of Mon-Fri, 9-5 so I set up a really basic website using Webs which was pretty much a sales page and not much else. It was also really basic but this clunky DIY website started converting sales straight away! I nearly fell off my chair when in the first few hours of my site going live, my first client called through!

My first month I made $5093 while working part-time and in the first year brought in over $50,000 despite not working the whole year and only working on a part-time basis. Four years later and my last financial year was over $100,000 (Just) but I could officially call myself a six-figure earner for the first time in my life.

I did this while having two children, moving to (and back from) an island and still finding time to attend all my kids school events and extra curriculars.

I’m not going to lie to you. Getting started was the easy part and there have been days where I feel like throwing my laptop through the wall or have unexpected technical issues that drive me bonkers but on the whole I’m so grateful for the opportunity. In 2016 I set up my mum in her own business (which she still runs today) which goes to show that it wasn’t just dumb luck that got me here and that anyone can run their own resume business provided they have the right formula and process!

I’d love to help you too and have put together the same 6 step forumla I used for myself and my mother to get you your first paying customers so you can work from home and make $$$ too. 

Donna's Case Study

In 2016, Mum was made redundant from work and asked me for help in getting her set up in her own Resume Business. She didn’t have any experience in writing resumes, but she did come from an administration background, so she had the basic technical ability to put one together. Within a few days had her sales page set up and using my templates she was able fill her client list. One year later and she still has a thriving resume business with multiple repeat customers and referrals.  Anyone with the ability to operate Microsoft Word at a basic level and a good command of English can start their own resume business and get paid for it. It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need a degree in Creative Writing.

Donna (Mum) now spends half her days indulging in her love of shopping (and chocolate) and the the rest of the day writing resumes for folks all over the country.  

Prior to this she had never s written any resume but her own and she still does not have a website – I created a simple sales page for her that brings all her work in. There is no need to make setting up your business a huge mission. 

I’ll show you how to get your service together and live within 6 weeks – or if you want to speed ahead and dive straight in …………even sooner.


Not Just Another Resume Writing Course

This isn’t JUST a course that will teach you to write a resume. I know that if you came this far you have the English skills to put one together with a little guidence. This is a six week program that will teach you how to take your English skills to the next level and actually start making $$$ from it. I’ll show you step by step over the 6 weeks how to:

Create a sales page that sells.

Where to find your customers ( including how I filled my client list in my first week of operation).

How to screen customers to make sure they are the right fit.

How to price your services.

How to write the resume (with actual templates to make it a super fast and easy process).

What to outsource and how to find the right staff for you.

How to package your products and the number one service that you can add-on to double your profits (Nope – it’s not a cover letter).

Plus I’ll provide you with my own content, templates and samples so you have everything you need to halve your resume writing time. 

The training goes for 5 weeks but in week 3 we go live and actually get your business out there!

I wanted to write for a living………

I always wanted to be a writer from Grade 4 and up BUT everyone told me there was no money in it. And…… seemed like they were right. Every writing job I came across was low pay and lots of hours. The thing is, now I write for a living every day and I get paid really well for it! I’m super lucky to be living my dream (in a round about way) and getting paid good money for it. Dreams really do come true!

How is the Training Delivered?

All training is delivered through Video Tutorials, Q&A Videos and PDF Guides including ALL the templates I use to run my business from simple email responses through to resume content and samples.

Week One - 'Your Biz Basics'

This week we work on business basics. I’ll cover your options for getting paid, pricing and working on your sales offer. I’ll walk you through the payment methods I use including the pros and cons of both so you can make an informed decision.  This week includes:

Pricing Workshop: How to price your resume and the packages you can put together to earm more money (including the one thing that doubled my profits that heaps of customers really want).

Add On Services: I’ll walk you through the add-on services you can offer and how to find affiliate partners to make you some passive income on the side if you don’t want to offer the services yourself.

Your Point Of Difference: This is the part that sells you to prospective clients and we have to work this out for next weeks module.

Payment Options & Client Management Software: I’ll cover how to get paid and how to manage your clients in the meantime – including all my templates regarding payments, terms and conditions, feedback, refunds and more.


Week Two - The Actual Resume Part

This week we get the basics sorted with the technical side of resume writing. There’s no need to make it complicated because I’ll show you the easy peasy way to put it all together including:

Content Templates: so you have the information you need for all the profiles, job descriptions and key skill areas.

Resume Templates: so you can plug your clients information into the ready made template with no need for fancy formatting because it allready done for you. 

Client Questions: I’ll provide you with the list of client questions I use to get an idea of the clients achievements and you can use this to collect all the data you need on your clients.

Video Tutorials: I’ll show you step by step how to put the resume together. 

Feedback: At the end of the module, you will send in your completed resume and I’ll provide you with any feedback or support for you to take it to the next level. 



Week Three - Your Business, LIVE - This Week

This is the best part. It’s also the week we go live with your resume business! This week we create your sales page from scratch and cover all the marketing methods and advertising I use to get a steady stream of new customers.

The Sales Page: I’ll cover exactly what you have to do to get customers through your door and to choose you over the competition.

The Technical Side: I’ll show you in a video tutorial how to put your sales page together from scratch so you can follow along.

Marketing & Advertising: I’ll walk you through the free and paid advertising and marketing I use to fill ALL my client list including step by step tutorials. 

Feedback: Before we go live, I’ll review your page individually and provide valuable feedback about how you can make it convert better.

Week Four - Business Issues and How To Avoid Them

This week we trouble-shoot the number one issues that can make or break your resume business. We talk about screening clients, refunds, tricky requests, tracking and financial management. 

Financial Management: I’ll show you exactly how I manage my finances and the tools I’ve used to make this easy-peasy for you.

Customer Management: I’lll give you real life examples of crazy customers and how to deal with them – but the best part is, I’ll show you how the warning signs you need to look out for and the demographics you probably want to avoid for your own sanity.

Tricky Requests: Why the Facebook Group is your best friend and how to leverage your business relationships to make passive income from your resume writing service. 

My super simple screening checklist: I’ll provide you with my own screening checklist that you can use to screen all your own clients and make sure they are the best fit for your business. 


Week 5: Questions & Answers

This is our last week together and it’s the week that everyone gets a chance to have their questions answered about anything we have covered or that they want to know about running a successful business. It’s also the week for loads of bonus material to help you keep going on your resume writing path.

Q&A Session: All participants will be asked to submit any questions they want answered at the start of the week and I’ll cover every single one of them in a live feed.

Criteria Services: We will talk about how to add criteria to your resume service including how much to charge and how to promote it.

Criteria Templates: You will be provided with a list of ‘fill in the blank criteria templates’ to help you branch out and over 100 examples of real life criteria.

Outsourcing: I’ll show you when and how to hire help including the platform I personally use to source all the help I need for my business – including my recruitment guide to make sure you avoid any dodgy hires.

Website Basics: I’lll show you how to upgrade your sales page to a website if you don’t allready have one including the pros and cons of each and how to choose the best site for you. I’ll also give a basic overview of the WIX and WordPress and including a demonstration on how to put it together. 


+ Access To The Resume Writer Networking Group

Your training includes access to a networking Facebook Group for just you and other course participants. It’s a place for you to network, ask questions and get help from your co-students. One of the most valuable things I did when starting my business was making connections with other resume writers. It’s led to help, support, referrals and affiliate income so I want to give you the same opportunity. 

Setting up a business was a daunting task for me.  I didn’t know where to begin, how to set up my advertising or landing page or what to charge for my service.

 Nicole did everything with almost no time or effort from me.  She set up a very professional landing page, organised my advertising and put a competitive pricing structure in place for me.  I had my first customer the next day and my business grew steadily to provide me will fulltime employment almost immediately.  

I constantly receive positive comments from my clients on my professional landing page – in fact many of my customers are persuaded to call in the first instance solely due to my visually inspiring and professional landing page. This approach and assistance gave me the confidence to turn my fledgling ideas into a successful business !!!

Donna Miller

Resume Writer, Donna Miller Resumes


How great does my English have to be to do this training?

You are going to want to have a native English level of proficency so if English is not your native language – its needs to be of the same standard (unless you want to be an Arabic/Chinese/Japanese Resume Writer etc in which case, you can take the course content and translate the templates to your langage). You don’t need to be an English major but you will want to be able to write at the level of a general administration officer/high school graduate level. 

What sort of technical literacy do I need?

 You need to be able to use the MS Word program and have access to it if you want to use my templates. You can still do the course if you don’t have it, but you won’t be able to use my resume templates as they are created using Word.

Will I need to purchase any additional software/programs to do this course? 

No, all the software and programs I use are either free or optional. There is always a free alternative way of doing things.

Will I have a resume business at the end of it?

 Yes, you sure will. All you need to do is follow the step and you will be in business, baby! The first 3 weeks we follow my very simple formula and after this I give you some more advanced options if you want to take it further.

What sort of support is available?

You can get support from the Facebook group that you will get access to before the training takes place. For technical assistance, I’m available via email and for course questions I run a live stream at the end of every week where I will answer all your questions from the module just completed PLUS a special Q&A session at the end to cover any additional questions.

Whats your refund policy?

I’m so sure that you will love this course that you can cancel anytime in the first 7 days after the course starts with no questions asked. After the first (7) days, no refunds are given as you will have access to ALL my business plans, strategies and content. 

Why are you teaching us this? Won’t it cause problems for you in regards to competition?

I’m not marketing this course to people in the areas I target with my resume writing service so I don’t need to worry about competition. When I realised I could use the same formula that I used with others and have them achieve the same results, it made sense to share it outside of my targeted resume demographic. It’s also something I’m really proud of and I know the difference it can make to other peoples lives. As a busy mother, there is nothing more liberating than being able to watch your kids events and not be on a 9-5 schedule. I know this program will change lives for the better and that’s what I want to do. 

When does it start?

We kick off on the 5th of March 2018 and the program runs for 5 Weeks. 

How much time each week will it take?

That depends on you. For most people you will want to put aside (5) hours each week. 

Can I take longer to complete it?

Yes, you can take longer. The course content will still be available however it won’t be a live round so you will miss the Q&A sessions (they will be available on replay). You also won’t get a chance to submit your homework for feedback as feedback is only available during live rounds. 

How much does it cost?

I have an early bird discount at for $799. As soon as the quota is reached the price is $999.