Selection Criteria Examples for Aged Care

Looking for a sample selection criteria of Aged Care? Here are some examples for you to get an idea of what it should look like. This selection criteria is written in statement form which is becoming common depending on what state you live in.  However, you can still use individual headings if you feel the need to.

Aged Care Selection Criteria

I have the proven ability to comprehensively assess, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care at an advanced level. In my current role with Smith Street Aged Care Facility, I plan and coordinate patient care within an inter-professional team. This includes monitoring resources and capabilities to achieve patient goals and government targets. For example, I triage patients based on their request forms and liaise with nursing and medical staff to make decisions surrounding the care of the patient and to coordinate health plans.

I offer leadership in HR practice, with particular reference to workplace health and safety, ethical practice and antidiscrimination. I’ve orientated new staff, compiled reports on performance management, responded to escalated complaints and issues, dealt with rostering requirements and provided support and mentoring to team members. Workplace Health and Safety is our number one concern at all times. I also pay careful attention to both EEO and Discrimination legislation. I work with a team from different cultural backgrounds and pursue an inclusive environment that makes all staff members feel welcome. I always get to know the individual instead of the stereotype and I never discriminate based on gender, cultural, religion or sexual preferences. I take responsibility for my own actions and I act honestly in all my dealings with transparency and firmness. I always work in the Code of Conduct to ensure I adhere to ethical practice and I strictly adhere to privacy and confidentiality legislation.

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I have the ability to provide aged care leadership in the clinical and professional setting including the demonstration of an advanced level of interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. I also use my communication skills to de-escalate hostile situations and abuse from patients.  Often our patients demonstrate behavioural extremes. I make an assessment of my own safety before deciding on an appropriate course of action. In some instances, I state that it is not the ‘right time’ to have this conversation and walk away until the patient has calmed down.  If I determine it is safe to engage with the patient I request that the patient speaks in a non-aggressive manner to continue the conversation in a respectful but firm tone of voice. I set firm boundaries while using active listening skills to understand the patients’ needs and wants.

I can use information and reporting systems appropriate to the position. I’m also familiar with the MS Office Suite of Applications and can use Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint to fulfil my responsibilities. I can quickly obtain a working knowledge of any new systems or documentation requirements and I am willing to undertake any further training required to fulfil the responsibilities of the role.

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I’m committed to a high standard encompassing quality improvement and processes. I frequently step up to levels of higher responsibility and I actively support governance, quality and compliance within the organisation. After every incident or emergency, I ask myself “what can I do better/differently next time?”. If I come up with a new idea or think of a way we can improve our existing procedures, I bring it up in team meetings or direct with my supervisor. I pay strict attention to my performance reviews and actively request feedback on all my work so I am constantly learning. I ensure I meet all paperwork requirements required by law so we always pass audit and I regularly network with other health professionals to discuss quality improvement processes and ways to perform better.

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