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Exemplifies personal drive and integrity (Investigator Application)

I maintain exemplary standards of conduct, integrity and professionalism with the ability to identify and manage conflicts of interest and conduct threat and risk assessments.

I conduct threat and risk assessments as part of my role which includes researching and implementing websites to be used as tools to verify customer information, creating risk reports on e-commerce fraud and recovery, management of fraud screening tests, conducting investigations on chargebacks and the development of new detection rules for in-house systems. I also coordinate with the application development team to enhance the administration system in relation to fraudulent enquires and oversee any flagged transaction investigations.

My personal drive is evidenced through my commitment to personal development. I have completed further training in Skill Investigations and Fraud and Security and have provided in house training to teams of 5-10 people. I regularly update my knowledge through reading fraud prevention publications online which have assisted me to use predictive statistical models to create profiles of what typical fraudulent transactions look like. I have a strong record of involvement in improvement processes relating to fraud prevention. For example, I have been responsible for developing new detection rules for our in house systems and making recommendations as to which flagged transactions should be authorised.

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Displays Personal Drive and Integrity (Team Leader Application)

Because of my current employment I have an excellent understanding of the Australian Public Service values which includes the ability to be impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical while undertaking all tasks associated with my role. I act in the nature of the APS Code of Conduct at all times by ensuring:

  • That I behave honestly at all times during my employment
  • That I act with care and diligence in all tasks assigned to me
  • That I treat all customers, external agencies and team members with respect and courtesy and that I maintain a working environment free from harassment
  • That I comply with all Australian laws and legislation relevant to my role
  • That I respect the authority of my supervisors and managers and follow instructions as required
  • That I maintain confidentiality in all applicable tasks and to meet all confidentiality and privacy laws and legislation
  • That I avoid any conflict of interest between my private and working life
  • That I use the departments resources in the correct manner

Prior to my employment with the Department, I worked for Virgin where I consistently won awards for meeting my sales targets on a national level. I have also ‘stepped up’ to a Team Leader role while management has been on leave or in training and I have volunteered to deliver Cultural Awareness Training to my department. I have a strong record of involvement in our department’s improvement processes, as demonstrated by the time I made and supplied task cards to my team to assist with the new claims and appeals process.

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