Get The Job You Love Boot-Camp Challenge – A Stock Take Of Your Skills


Job Search Help

Job Search Help

Challenge 1 – A Stock-Take Of Your Current Skills

Hello campers and welcome to your first challenge!  Our very first challenge is a super simple one. In it we look back at our past jobs (yep, even the time you flipped burgers at McDonalds) to work out your transferrable skills. Transferrable skills are the ones you can take with you to the next job even if it’s in a totally different industry.  Let’s use McDonalds as an example:

Ok, so let’s say your first job out of school was at McDonalds. You served customers, processed payments, made burgers and that was about all. Now let’s say you are looking at a job as a Bank Teller next. Some of the skills you learnt at McDonalds that transfer across might include: cash handling, customer service, conflict resolution etc.

Ok, now you know what you are looking for create a spreadsheet on excel or draw two columns on a piece of paper and list every job you have ever held in the first column. In the second column, write down all the skills you learnt doing that job that would transfer across to the next one.

To Recap:

Your challenge is to identify your key skills based on previous employment history

Step One: Create two columns on a spreadsheet or piece of paper

Step Two: List every job you have ever done

Step Three: List the skills you learnt at each job

Step Four: You should probably create a sub folder on your computer or get a vanilla folder if you are doing the activities manually to keep all your challenges in – because you are going to need this information for some of our resume modules later on.

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How To Burn That Extra 1% In Your Job Search

How To Burn That Extra One Percent in Your Job Search

I love reading books by Robin Sharma. He has some great tips for business and for life. While he is not an Employment Consultant many of his tips are relevant to your job search so today I’m going to share some of his advice and look at how you can incorporate it into your job search.

The advice I would like to cover today is “to burn the extra one percent”. Now when talking about this in a mainstream context it could mean running that 1% faster on your morning jog or running 1% further. When I first started up running, I could not even run 1K but I increased how far I ran by 1% until I was jogging 8km every morning. Adding 1% works because it doesn’t seem like anything at the time, but it compounds to remarkable results. So let’s take a look at how you can add this advice to your job search to get results and find a job you love.

The Resume

Is there something you have been meaning to tweak on your resume that you haven’t had time to do? It may be something as simple as adding a border or changing a word in your job description but burn that extra 1% and get it done.

The Interview

Did you shine your shoes? Send a thank-you card? Spend an extra 5 minutes researching the company? What is one thing you could do to burn that extra 1% when it comes to securing the job?

The Job Search

Do you currently send 10 applications out per day? What would happen if you increased it to 11? Can you use higher quality envelopes or paper? Are you cold calling? Is this something you could implement (even if it’s one call per day, that’s seven increased job opportunities in one week).


How many people do you reach out to and ask if they have contacts in the industry you want to work in? Can you add one more person to your list? Is there someone you have been meaning to contact but have been putting it off? What’s your LinkedIn profile look like? Have you been meaning to update it to a more professional image? Do you need to add your latest qualification on there?

These are just some suggestions on how to add an extra 1% to your job search. Remember 1% isn’t a big deal at the time, but compounded over the weeks, months and years it can lead to huge results.


Five Things You Can Do Today To Get A New Job

Top Five Things You Can Do Today To Find  A New Job


If you are looking for a new job but are only applying to advertisements you see on SEEK or in the paper you are not exploring your job search potential. Yes, applying for advertisements is great because you know the employer has a job available but on the flip side this means you have a massive amount of competition for the role. (If you have missed some of my other posts, recently the shop down the road advertised for a retail assistant and ended up with 170+ applications to wade through). That’s an awful lot of competition.


So what are five things you can do today to find a new job?


  1. Reach Out – Known formally as networking, this can be as simple as telling everyone you come in contact that you are looking for work. If you want to get advanced attend some professional development sessions or networking events, but you don’t have to go this hi-tech. Finding work that hasn’t yet been advertised can be as simple as letting updating your facebook status or telling your day care provider what you are looking for. Everyone is related to somebody else and with experts telling us we are only separated from another person by six people, your new job could be just around the corner.


  1. Yellow Pages – Grab your copy of the phone directory, highlight a list of places you would like to work and give them a call to see if they have anything coming up. If possible always request to speak to the Manager. Getting on the phone can be nerve wrecking but you would be surprised the amount of potential opportunities it opens. The best case scenario is that they ask to interview you straight away and you get the job, worst case, they ask you to email in your resume for their records.


  1. Set a Target – I’m always surprised by how nobody does this. The single most powerful thing you can do right now to jump start your job search is to set a target of how many jobs you are going to apply for on a weekly basis and stick to it. Make it non-negotiable. This means that if you set your target at 20 and you can’t find 20 advertisements to apply for you have to get out of your comfort zone and start calling or writing to potential employers.


  1. Pick up the Pen – I have seen amazing success with this one time and time again and it is actually my number one tip. Write a cover letter, print off your resume and send a personal note to the manager of the organisation you want to work for expressing your interest in any suitable positions. I don’t know if it’s because people don’t get snail mail anymore so it’s a novelty or not but I have seen people line up four interviews in one week through this approach. (Also this eliminates any of the competition you would usually get from an advertised position)


  1. Revamp your resume to include achievements. I’ve said this before a hundred times but I still see hundreds of resumes that don’t do this. I have a simple questionnaire you can use to help pin point your achievements that you can download and use for free below.

Random Ways To Find Work

Random Ways to Find Work

(and believe me when I say that some of these are random)

First up I want to mention a disclaimer – Try these at your own risk, nearly all of them have the potential to backfire on you and some of them may be dangerous. This is not a list for the traditionalist and is probably more targeted towards people that need a job, any job – not a specific occupation.

Stand on the side of the road with a sign saying ‘Work Wanted’ – I used to see this all the time when I lived in Cairns and it worked. Basically the guys would get dressed in their labouring gear, pack an esky with their lunch and a water bottle, write ‘Work Wanted’ in big black nico on a piece of cardboard and stand on the side of the highway early in the morning (about the time farmers were on their way to the paddock).  This was mostly for fruit picking work and I’d use caution trying it. First of all, I’m not entirely sure it’s legal and second you never know who you are getting in the car with. The driver could be the next Ivan Milat (just saying).

Get in touch with A Current Affair or other news program – If you have a good story, you can get in touch with some of the news/special interest programs and see if they will feature you. The thing is you need an angle. For example I once saw a lady on their who despite having multiple university degrees could not get a job in a fast food restaurant because she was ‘over qualified’. The news program did a story on her and the job offers flooded in. Unless you have a compelling angle, this is a total waste of time but if you can think up something, it’s a bonafide way to drum up the job offers.

Pull a stunt – Basically pull a stunt (maybe try to beat a record or something) so you can get free media attention and people contact you and offer you a job. For example, you may try to make a record of fastest typing speed (if going for admin), let the media know you are attempting to break the record (think little radio stations and newspapers that don’t have much else on) and tell them that you are doing it because you need to find a job. Again, watch the offers role in (it doesn’t matter if you beat the record or not – just drum up the publicity before you attempt it)

Send your resume as a chocolate bar – Actually somebody did really do this because I was reading an article about it last year. The guy (or girl, can’t remember) got their resume put on a candy wrapper, wrapped up some chocolate and sent it to the employer. I can’t remember if she/he got the job but they did get an interview. Basically if the traditional method isn’t working try something wacky instead.

Use Vistaprint – So Vistaprint is a printing company that offers really cheap printing solutions (business cards, postcards, t-shirts, pen ect). You can make up a ‘For Hire’ t-shirt explaining that you are looking for work and wear it around the place. (This is an excellent conversation starter and will help you out with networking). You can also make ‘Work Wanted’ business cards to hand out around the place.

Ok, guys that’s the list so far but I’m super interested to hear if you have tried any of these and what the results were. Also I want to know if you have any other suggestions or if you have seen any other ‘out there’ ways to find a job.