You Want A New Job So Why Aren’t You Doing This One Thing?

Fair Warning – I’m so passionate about this topic that this email could turn into a huge rant. I turn down at least 50% of the resume enquiries I get.  Basically the resume is fine as it is but because the person has applied for oodles of jobs and not had a responce, they think there is something wrong with what they are sending out.

So why aren’t they getting the response they want? I blame SEEK. Yep, you would have to live under a rock to not know of its existence.  In the last couple of years business really has been booming for these guys. It’s the first port of call for most of you looking for work and often the first port of call for employers looking for staff. This should make it a match made in heaven for both parties, but let me tell you that the employers have the advantage. They can list their advertisement and get 150 responses in one day so it’s great for them. For you it means you are competing with 150 other qualified candidates so it’s not such great news.

Think of it this way. It’s like answering a personal advertisement on an online dating site where there is one female to 150 males. Even if you consider yourself quite the catch, the one female has all the advantage. And honestly, if she has already sorted through 150 other eligible bachelors and you are number 150, there is a good chance she stopped paying attention to anything anyone wrote after the first 50 respondents. Seriously, 150+ applications is a lot to wade through even for a soul mate!

Ok, so now that you realise just how crappy your odds are, lets talk about the one thing NONE of you are doing but you ALL should be.  You all need to write a list of twenty companies you want to work for and write them a cover letter and send them your resume – by snail mail.

And before you stop reading because you’ve heard it before  I’m going to ask you again “WHY ARN’T YOU DOING THE ONE THING THAT HAS THE HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE OF ALL THE JOB SEARCH METHODS I HAVE PERSONALLY TESTED?”

Come on guys, this is a super simple task that won’t take you more than an hour to complete and will eliminate 99% of the competition. I have seen the results of this time and time again but nobody bothers to do it. You all jump on Seek and send off your resume with one click, thinking that the more applications you shoot off the better your chances. I’m not saying doesn’t use SEEK, but I am saying you need to use this method as well.

I’ve split tested it before and the results speak for themselves. Using exactly the same resume and applying for exactly the same kind of job, the applicant landed two interviews out of her twenty SEEK applications and four interviews out of her twenty cold calling snail mailed letters. She wasn’t offered the job for either of the SEEK positions, but she had a 75% success rate for the interviews she obtained through snail mail and could choose which one she wanted.

DO THIS NOW! Write a list of the twenty places you would like to work at, send them a personal cover letter letting them know you are looking for work and have heard how awesome they are and could they please keep you in mind the next time a role comes up. Attach your resume and snail mail it to the companies.

Ideally you want to set a target of 10-20 of these letters per week. Stamps are cheap and you can easily print of your resume and cover letter and photocopy it. If you are stuck for places to send it to, start with the first listing in the Yellow Pages and go from there. Bonus points for anyone that looks up the name of the manager and personally addresses each letter. (You don’t have to do this, I never have and it still works).

Ok, that’s my rant over. I hope I didn’t sound too bossy but if I did it’s because I truly believe we should all have a job that we love and I want you to succeed. I really, really do. So get cracking and if you have any questions about the process or want some more info on this approach, shoot me an email and I’ll help you out.

PS: Don’t cheat and send an email, it should work but it never does. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because:

a)      Snail mail is starting to become novelty so people pay more attention when it comes in the post

b)      It’s easier for the employer to keep your resume on file, they tend to lose email or forget where they put it so when a job does come up they can’t find your details

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