Would You Choose Your Career Based On Astrology?

No? Me neither but I thought it would be fun to take a look at your best career options based on your Zodiac Sign. I love Astrology but I don’t think all people with the sun sign of Aries should be firefighters. Still, let’s take a look at your top career choices based on your sun sign.

Aries – Apparently you guys are really attracted to danger so jobs that involve the military or fire fighting are good matches. I’ve also heard you guys make good athletes.

Taurus – You guys are supposed to be great with money so any career that involves banking or finance is a gold mine for you. I’ve also heard you like eating so catering is another option.

Gemini – Ruled by Mercury who loves technology apparently you dudes should all be IT professionals. Don’t worry if you are technologically illiterate, teaching also falls under this umbrella

Cancer – Obsessed with home, family and feelings you guys make great marriage counsellers but can also be found in real estate occupations.

Leo – Apparently you guys are real show ponies and should be in the entertainment field. Think movie stars, radio personalities and comedians.

Virgo – Known as a perfectionist that likes to follow rules (I’m a Virgo, but pretty sure I love to break them) the best career choices for you involve public service and government. You love following policy and procedure.

Libra – Anything that involves justice is apparently a good match. Look at lawyers and judges when choosing your career.

Scorpio – Known as the mysterious zodiac sign, apparently you guys make great detectives. I’ve also heard you make good funeral directors if the detective business doesn’t pan out.

Sagittarius – You guys need to get a job in advertising. I have no idea why but when I researched this blog post, that’s what came up as your perfect match.

Capricorn – Known as the hardest workers on the planet, self-employment is considered a good career choice for you because you get off on overtime, long hours and money.

Aquarius – For some reason it’s suggested that you all become electricians. Again, I’m not sure why but when I researched this article, that’s the feedback I got.

Pisces – You guys make great nurses and counsellers because you all want to help others. Actually I have loads of Pisces friends and you are all nurses. Mmmmmmm, maybe I should get a job in the public service after all.

If you are actually working or want to work in the industry that this article said you should please comment below because I want to know.

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